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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Year 3


They are everywhere! Year 3 looked for them outside, sorted and investigated the different parts and their functions.

We had great fun carefully measuring and making our Mr or Mrs Seed Heads. We watered, watched and waited! In just a few days most were sporting a super, lush head of grassy hair! Within two weeks they were in serious need of a haircut. The Year 3 classroom was transformed into a super seed head salon, with much snipping and styling. Would you like a ‘pom-pom’ or a ‘pineapple’ cut? 

Our seed head characters enjoyed their relaxing trip to the barber shop, recording in their diaries. In addition, we brought the characters to life in short play scripts.


Year 3 had a fantastic trip to the Sedgwick Museum, meeting some dangerous dinosaurs and fascinating fossils. Doyouthinkhesawus? Afterwards, we wrote postcards to let Miss Boak know how much we had enjoyed our visit. We have also looked in Geography at the different habitats dinosaurs lived in and in History, at the different ‘ages’ of dinosaurs.

Thinking about dinosaurs led to some excellent story writing, all starting with a mysterious egg! Designing sewn dinosaurs for a child’s mobile kept us focussed and we are so proud of our stitching. In Science we sorted and described different rocks thinking about their features and wondering how they were formed and what they can be used for.

Have you ever measured how long a dinosaur might have been? Check out our measuring on the playground.

We have moved on to investigate rocks, soil and volcanoes, creating tempting cocktails for hungry worms, YUM!


We started our project with a simulated flight around a variety of European countries where we were lucky enough to have a chance to experience the local cuisine.

Each classroom was decorated with large European flags and the children participated in flag quizzes, lessons understanding different mathematical questions and problems associated with the design of certain flags. Finally they ended their European tour by writing a balanced argument about whether to holiday abroad or in the U.K.


It has all been about Rubbish! In Year 3 we have become very interested in rubbish and how can recycle, reduce and reuse. A short walk around the local environment showed us that people dump rubbish everywhere.


Using 'Strip Design' we enjoyed creating posters to remind everyone to use the bins provided. Jon, from Cambridge Waste Management Centre, told us so many interesting facts about rubbish and how it is dealt with. In Philosophy we considered the question of whether we could live without bins or not...what do you think? What are the implications? This project has really taught us the importance of knowing our rubbish and being able to recycle, reduce and reuse..

How safe is your scooting?

Year 3 got off to a quick and smooth start with our project on safe scooting. We learnt how to scoot smartly enjoying a day whizzing around the playground, practising smooth turns and quick emergency stops. We even learned how to duck down under an obstacle and keep eyes looking forwards. Back in the classroom we wrote instructions, for a younger audience, about safe scooting. We also had some fun recreating scooters, with lots of accessories, for different characters.

In Science, we explored how things move and how friction can slow things down. By making ramps and recording how far cars travelled we could discover how smooth, shiny surfaces allowed toy cars to move more easily.  We all enjoyed investigating magnets, creating fair tests and the strength of different magnets.