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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

School Information

We are an inclusive school who pride ourselves on promoting the best possible outcomes for all pupils. Our vision 'Excellence achieved through care, creativity and challenge' is at the heart of everything we do. Every child really does matter to us and we take the time to get to know each and every one within our school.

We are 2 schools (Nursery and Primary) which are federated under one Governing Body. We have a 104 place Nursery with an additional 24 two year old places, and a 2 form entry primary school.


In 2011, the LA supported the school’s decision to change the nursery class provision to a Nursery School and then the Nursery School federated with the primary school.  

In addition, the federation runs projects alongside the Nursery. So To Speak works with Nursery pupils with Speech and Language delay and is partly funded by the National Lottery. In 2014, we created Me Too Club for vulnerable two year olds. Both settings were judged to be Outstanding in November 2014. The children who access these provisions continue to flourish in the school. The first cohort of children who attended So to Speak support left the school in July 2017 - their results are above both Cambridgeshire and National.

The most recent Nursery Ofsted (May 2017) graded the school as good with one Outstanding judgement - this was in line with the schools judgements at the time.


In 2015, the primary school PAN increased from 60 to 90. This has meant that some year groups have over 60 pupils in them. Cohort size varies from 48 to 72 at present. In 2018, we returned to a 2 form entry school as the demand for places locally has reduced. Year on year we are becoming more popular and have for the first time been oversubscribed for our reception intake (over 60 first choice applicants in 2020).


16.3% of pupils are on the SEN register with 16 having EHCPs. There are a further 40% of pupils for whom we provide catch up programmes and adult support. All year groups are streamed from reception up.


At King's Hedges, the most common SEN need includes language and communication and social and emotional development. Attainment on entry to our Reception classes is generally below average particularly in terms of communication, language and literacy and personal and social emotional development.


Pupils who receive free school meals (FSM)  40%

Pupil premium funding 42%

English as an additional language (EAL) 48%

Highest language spoken after English: Polish

There are over 43 different languages spoken in the school.

'Leaders and governors ensure that the primary physical education (PE) and sport premium increases pupils’ participation in physical education and sporting activities. Pupils have recently taken part in a cross-country running competition between school houses. Pupils benefit from extra-curricular sports at lunchtime and after school as well as attendance at inter-school sports events.'


'Leaders use the pupil premium appropriately to help pupils overcome barriers to learning. Most disadvantaged pupils make strong progress from their starting points.'


Pupil Wellbeing 

The school has continued to develop its capacity to support pupils with well- being concerns. We are able to provide 1-1 support for individuals in need of well-being and emotional support. These pupils have been referred by parents/carers and teachers. 


We have developed drop-in sessions where pupils can come and talk with one of the Well-Being team. This is proving to be particularly successful with Key Stage 2 pupils. Some of this one to one work has led to families accessing early help support.


A safeguarding officer has been employed with the school, she has an extensive social work background, this has been invaluable in developing stronger links with external agencies ensuring pupils, and families are receiving the support they need. Parents/carers are now making contact with the school raising concerns about their child’s well-being. The safeguarding officer regularly goes out at drop off/pick up times and parents/carers informally share their concerns and ask for advice. 


The school has built links with the 'Mental Health Support Team' which offers advice to parents/carers to help them to support their child with their anxieties, worries and emotional needs. This team can support 3 pupils at a time. 


During the recent partial school closure staff accessed a wealth of mental health and well-being training to support them with identifying and supporting the needs of the pupils in their care.