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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Voice


Excellence achieved through care, creativity and challenge.



By fostering a culture of pupil leadership, King’s Hedges empowers pupils to take an active role in shaping their learning experiences. King’s Hedges promotes inclusive practices, so that we can ensure that pupils and families have a voice. We listen to the feedback and effectively serve the  school community.



We do this through:


  • School Council: Elected members of each year group meet at least fortnightly with the lead teacher to discuss various themes, in accordance with class feedback or school projects.
  • House Captains: Democratically elected pupils from Year 6 help enhance house spirit across the school, acting as role models and mentors so that all pupils in their house are striving for excellence.
  • Junior Leadership Team: Pupils from Key Stage Two apply for a role as a Junior Leader. Successful applicants are interviewed and the chosen candidates will be responsible for monitoring and championing areas of the curriculum throughout the school for that academic year. These individuals will devise an action plan, liaise with subject leaders and conduct joint monitoring and evaluations of provision relating to their action plan. Feedback will be given to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Peer Mediators: Year 6 volunteers are provided with comprehensive training so that they may mediate disagreements and support the social and emotional wellbeing of other pupils during lunchtimes.
  • Lunchtime supporter: Pupils from Key Stage Two are assigned an area to provide help and support to other pupils throughout lunchtime.
  • Eco-warriors: Pupils from Years Three and Four help keep the school eco-friendly by collecting any loose litter on the playground and promoting sustainable living.
  • Cyber Cops: Pupils from Key Stage Two promote healthy use of technology and support the school’s E-safety lead.
  • Librarians: Pupils from Year 3 and 6 support the English lead by championing reading for pleasure.
  • Health and Safety Committee: Pupils across the school support the school’s Health and Safety Lead.
  • Club Leaders: Successful applicants lead their own club for other pupils within the school. Examples include Boom-whackers and
  • Parent Volunteers: The school is fortunate to welcome parent volunteers who come to the school in order to read with pupils. Some parents may also help supervise school trips, having received the appropriate training. Teachers and subject leads also invite parents to share relevant skills and knowledge with a class, for example in RE or linked to our “I can be” careers project.
  • Parent Surveys: In order to gain an overview into parental perspective on provision at King’s Hedges, we gather parent view yearly. We ask for other feedback throughout the year via parent-mail.
  • Pupil Surveys: Subject leaders regularly collate pupil perspectives so that responses may help inform and improve practice across the school.



King’s Hedges Voice is measured through pupil progress and outcomes. We also monitor pupil engagement and feedback, as well as parental engagement.