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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Other Events

Science Week

All the children from nursery to year six took part in the week-long event.

Our theme this year was ‘Being a scientist’ and the aim was to increase our science capital. For more information follow the link below. 

Link -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0t70bwPD6Y


We wanted pupils to:


  1. See themselves as scientists
  2. Find out what scientists do
  3. Develop their enquiry skills


Each class carried out practical investigations, outdoor learning and some had visits from local scientists.

The nursery and reception children learnt about water and used it to wash clothes and observed how they dry.

Year one investigated which materials to use when clearing up an oil slick.

Year 3 had a visit from a local farmer in his tractor to discuss how he grows his crops.

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from two local STEM volunteers for a Q&A on STEM careers as well as taking part in their investigations into the effects of exercise on the human body.

The whole school had a visit from the Cambridge Science Centre who gave an interactive talk on Life Cycles. https://cambridgesciencecentre.org/

Our favourite event of the week was the science fair which took place on Friday. Each year group demonstrated some of their scientific enquiries from the week to the other pupils. It was fantastic to see how engaged the children were when listening to each other. It was a great opportunity to apply the scientific vocabulary they had learnt.

Platinum Jubilee

and Grand Opening of new playground

Pupils and staff enjoyed a morning of celebration to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The new playground was officially opened, with a demonstration of the new gym equipment. Children enjoyed a picnic lunch, before parents came to view their work including thrones made from upcycled chair. The week also involved lots of Jubilee-themed activities including Commonwealth Games, planning a trip around the Commonwealth and learning about important inventions that were created during Elizabeth II’s unprecedented reign.

Click play below to listen to our School Councillors interviewing pupils and teachers about the week’s festivities.

A massive thank you to the following people who came and planted our new trees, which were kindly donated by several of the colleges, led by Newnham. Paul Anderson and Alisa Fordham from Newnham College. Elisa Meschini, school governor and Cambridge County Councillor. Alex Collis, Kevin Price and Martin Smart King’s Hedges ward, councillors. The children came out and helped, socially distanced of course, even Duncan got stuck in!

Thank you!                  Thank you!                  Thank you!                 Thank you!                  Thank you!                  Thank you!                  Thank you!

Wow! What a day! Me2Club, SoToSpeak, Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2 all did laps of the playground and field to raise money for charity in our favourite sports gear. We saw karate suits, horse riding uniforms and even our parents’ football kits! 

Building on from assemblies led by Miss Sapsford, we were able to apply what we knew about stamina and paced ourselves to not tire out too quickly. Clearly, the Daily Mile is having a great impact on KS2 children.

Our goal was to collectively run the distance to Dublin (250 miles in a straight line). We’re proud to say that we achieved that with flying colours. Every child aged 2 to 11 played their part in a really successful day! 

We mustn’t forget what all this running is for: Sports Relief. Thanks to our generous donations, King’s Hedges was able to raise a whopping £271.42. This money will go towards people who need it the most across the globe and in our country, so we should give ourselves a big pat on the back. Well done everybody!