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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

So 2 Speak  

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We love books 

This week our topic has been ‘We love books.’ We have had a lovely week diving into lots of different books and learning about how we look after them. We have discussed how we hold a book and turn the pages while looking at the pictures and words from left to right. Our role play area has been a building site for The Three Bears, where the children have been busy building a brick house for the third little pig. In the exploration area the children have been making porridge for the three bears and ordering the bears and their bowls by size.

For one of our activities this week we have been authors. The children have used their imaginations to write their very own books. We have had books about fish, books about flowers, books about cats and some children decided to recreate stories they already know! It was a great opportunity for us to practice our pencil grip. We have also listened to a story and used a story bag with lots of props inside to retell a story. The children have shown that they are able to listen to a story and even begin to join in with the repeated refrains in our favourite well known stories. Our cooking this week has been bear biscuits. We hope they were delicious!

Thank you to everyone who stayed and read a book with their child on Friday. It was lovely to see so many children dressed in a costume.

Next week our topic is: Where we live



This week we have been learning all about ‘Winter.’ During circle time we have been discussing what the weather is like in Winter and what changes we might see outside. We also dressed ourselves ready for Winter, and sorted other items of clothing into ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’ piles. It was lots of fun to explore ice; we tried to melt it with our hands then used a variety of tools to see if we could crack the ice! Then we had a look at arctic animals on the whiteboard and watched videos of them in their habitats.

The classroom is now decorated ready for Christmas, and the children have loved exploring the new things in the classroom. The role play area has transformed into a home role play with a Christmas tree and a traditional Christmas dinner set! The children have been busy cooking for each other while wearing the Christmas hats. The exploration area has been filled with ice and snow! There have been ice igloos with lots of arctic animals, the children have been sliding the penguins down the ice and have enjoyed watching the ice melt throughout the session

For our activities this week we have made our own snow globes, had a go at drawing snowmen on the interactive whiteboard and we have made melting snowman cupcakes! It has been a very busy week as we have also been practising our Christmas songs ready for the performance on Thursday. We cannot wait to show you all of our hard work!

There has also been a new addition to our classroom this week… you may have noticed the silly elf causing chaos! Please have a look at the elf on the shelf sheet to see what he has been doing this week.

Next week our topic is: Christmas

Being safe

This week we have been learning all about being safe. We have discussed lots of different ways that we need to stay safe! We now know that there are lots of different grown ups who keep us safe; police offers, fire fighters, lolly pop people, teachers and mummy and daddy. We have been exploring whether objects are safe/ not safe to touch and what might happen if we touched the things that were not safe. The children have loved the stop, look and listen song which has helped us to remember what we need to do before crossing the road, and also our ‘pantosaurus’ song which helps us to remember how to be safe and keep our pants private. We know that our pants are private and if anybody asks to touch our private area we must say no and tell a grown up we trust.

The role play area has continued to be just as popular as a building site, and the tuff tray in the exploration area has been filled with cereal for the children to try to crush with the hammers. Everybody was very safe while using the hammers.

For our activities this week we have decorated pants. The children used their fine motor skills to take the stickers off of the paper and kept trying even though it was quite tricky. We also used the car mat and small world play people to practice crossing the road. We stop, look and listen! For cooking this week we made jelly. First the children practiced how to hold scissors safely before cutting up the jelly cubes. We then went to the activity room to see if we could find a kettle. Whilst in there we found lots of things that are not safe to touch! We discussed why these things were unsafe and how they are for grown ups to touch. The kettle was so hot! Emily had to be very careful as she poured the boiling water onto the jelly. She then poured some cold water into the jug and we felt how the jug was no longer boiling hot but warm. After taking it in turns to stir the jelly we put it into the fridge to set. After a couple of hours we turned a cup of jelly upside down to check if it was ready… whoops! It was not set. We decided to leave the jelly for a bit longer and tried the same experiment the next day and this time the jelly stayed in the cup, so it was set and ready for us to take home.  

Next week our topic is: Winter



This week we have been learning all about transport. We have spoken about all of the different types of transport we know, how they move, which vehicles do/ do not have wheels, whether the vehicles belong on land/ sea/ air and how we travel to So 2 Speak! Alongside our concept this week we have also been looking at vehicles that are fast and not fast. We decided that the racing cars and motorbikes are our favourite fast vehicles and the hot air balloon is our favourite vehicle that is not fast.

The role play area has transformed into a building site, and the children love putting on the builder’s hats and hi vis jackets ready for building and fixing. In the exploration area we have been busy washing cars! The tuff tray was filled with shaving foam and little buckets of water for the children to wash the messy cars with the toothbrushes.

For our activities this week we have made our own buses, where we stuck wheels onto the red rectangles and then drew some people to stick on. This week we have also been learning about traffic lights and what the different coloured lights mean. Our other activity was to manoeuvre around our outdoor area on the bikes while Emily and Matt pretended to be traffic lights! The children were great at following the instructions to stop, get ready and go! For our cooking activity this week we made traffic light biscuits. We mixed together black icing and spread it onto a biscuit before adding the correct colour m&m’s to resemble the traffic lights.

Next week our topic is: Being safe

Being healthy

This week our topic has been ‘being healthy.’ We have been learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy and which foods we should or should not eat! We have packed a healthy lunch box, and sorted food into healthy/ not healthy piles. The children now know that as yummy as they are, foods such as chocolate cake are not healthy as they contain too much sugar! We can only have certain foods as a treat.

The role play area has continued to be a healthy eating café, with the addition of a smoothie maker! The children loved cutting the wooden fruit in half and putting it into the blender to make the smoothies. Our book of the week has been ‘The very hungry caterpillar.’ In our exploration area the children have loved exploring the themed tuff tray with all of the foods from the story. One of our activities this week was to read ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and discuss which foods were healthy/ not healthy. We have also practiced our cutting skills to make a plate filled with healthy foods, and for our cooking this week we made fruit salad. The children were all very careful when using the knives, and understood the importance of being safe and careful when using a knife. They independently chopped up all of the fruit in the fruit salad before we divided it between enough cups.

On Monday we made poppy wreaths for remembrance day. The children coloured in cupcake cases to look like poppies and then stuck them onto a paper plate. We have displayed them proudly in the classroom. On Friday we gave Pudsey bear some spots on his eye patch and coloured in some Pudsey pictures for Children in need. Thank you for your kind donations!

Next week our topic is: Transport

My body

This week our theme has been ‘My body.’ We have been discussing all the things that we use our bodies for; running, walking, jumping dancing, riding our bikes and scooters! Alongside this we have been talking about our skeletons. We now know that we all have a skeleton inside our body and we need it so we can move, otherwise we would be wobbly jelly on the floor!

Our role play area has become a healthy eating café, ready for us to make some healthy sandwiches and salads to keep our bodies fit and strong! In the exploration area we have been looking at x-rays. We held torches underneath the x-rays to have a closer look. The children also loved the dancing skeleton in the middle of the tuff tray.

For our activities this week we have drawn around our bodies and labelled the different parts we know. We have also made our own skeleton pictures using cotton buds. Have a look on our learning door to find them!

This week we have also celebrated bonfire night. We had lots of fun exploring a range of firework- related activities. We made fireworks with playdough using pipe cleaners and used marbles in a tray to roll around colourful paints before adding some glitter. We then discussed what sounds fireworks made and whether anyone had seen any before. Everybody was amazed by the firework displays we watched on the whiteboard! After this we went on to create more fireworks! First we made firework rockets using different shapes and then made yet more fireworks by printing with toilet rolls which had been cut around the bottom to create a firework shape.

This Next week our topic is: Being healthy

Apples and pumpkins

We have had a very busy week in So 2 Speak! This week our topic has been ‘Apples and pumpkins.’ We have been exploring what is inside these fruits and how they grow.

For our activities we had a go at hammering golf tees into pumpkins. It was quite tricky but the children persevered, and tried using blocks rather than hammers to see which worked better. We also decorated our own pumpkins, choosing whether we wanted them to look happy, sad, surprised or angry! For our cooking activity this week we tasted different forms of apple. We tried red and green apple, dried apple, apple sauce and apple juice! Everybody got a sticker for tasting the apple sauce.

In the exploration area we have been investigating whether apples or little pumpkins float. We found that they do float! Even the big pumpkins in the classroom! We tried to think of something that would not float, and one of the children suggested using a rock, so we found some pebbles to try, which did indeed not float.

On Monday we celebrated Diwali. The children had a colourful tea light each to hold while we discussed what Diwali was and who celebrated it. We listened to a song about Diwali and had a go at some traditional dancing before colouring in Rangoli patterns and Diya lamps. On Thursday we celebrated Halloween! We discussed what happens on Halloween and the children told their friends what they would be dressing up as in the evening. We also discussed how not everybody will be celebrating Halloween, and the importance of keeping safe; only knocking on doors of people we know or those with a pumpkin.

This week we also had our messy play parent/ carer session. Thank you to everybody who attended! Keep an eye out for lots more parent sessions to come.

This Next week our topic is: My body

Autumn 2

This week we have continued to learn about Autumn. This week we have looked closer at the colours of the leaves during Autumn. We had a look outside to see if we could find leaves to match the colours on our sheet. We looked for red, yellow, orange, green and brown leaves! We have also been talking about what animals do during Autumn. We read a story about a hedgehog who was preparing for his winter sleep and discussed what we thought the animals should use to make their warm beds ready for hibernation.

Our role play has continued to be a home role play, but this week with the addition of pumpkins the children have been busy making pumpkin soup! In our exploration area the children have been trying to pick up conkers and pine cones with tweezers. The adults made it a bit tricky though, as there was a masking tape maze covering the tray!

For our activities we did some leaf rubbing with some of the leaves we found outside, made Autumn trees where we used our fingers to add leaves onto the tree and we also made sensory leaf bags! For this we put some oil, paint, glitter, sequins and leaves into a plastic wallet, sealed it with sellotape then had lots of fun exploring! The children loved popping the bubbles that formed in the bag and moving around the paint to find the leaves.

We hope everybody has a nice half term break and we look forward to seeing you afterwards! 

Autumn 1

This week we have been learning all about Autumn! First we discussed how the season at the moment is Autumn and what changes outside during Autumn time; the leaves fall down from the trees, the leaves change colour and the weather becomes colder. We also had a go at choosing what would be the best things to wear while outside during Autumn time, and decided that we no longer need to wear sun cream or our sun hats!

Our role play has become an Autumn themed home corner, which includes a sofa and a tv! Our exploration area has been a Gruffalo themed tuff tray, with characters from the story and masks for us to act out our favourite parts.

At the beginning of the week we all went outside to hunt for the leaves that had fallen from the trees. Everybody had a bag to fill, and we found lots and lots of colourful leaves! We then used these leaves for our hedgehog activity, where we stuck the leaves onto a picture of a hedgehog for his spikes! For our cooking this week we of course made Gruffalo crumble! We added orange sweets for his eyes, purple ones for the prickles on his back, black for his tongue and a green one on top for the poisonous wart at the end of his nose!

My friends

This week we have been learning about ‘My friends.’ We have discussed what a friend is and who our friends are in So 2 Speak and Nursery. We have also spoken about how to be a good friend. The children watched as Emily snatched a toy from Matt and we discussed how we thought Matt would be feeling and what Emily should do to or should of done if she wanted to play with the toy!

Our role play has continued to be a pizza shop for it’s last week so we have made the most of making our pizzas for our friends and ourselves. The exploration area became a park to go alongside our book of the week, ‘Shark in the Park!’’ This story is definitely now a class favourite, the children love joining in with the repeated refrains and have been pretending to look for sharks with ’telescopes’ all week.

For our activities we have made friendship bracelets. First we made one for our friend and then another for us to take home for ourselves. We have also been making pizzas for our friends in the pizza shop. The children asked their partner what toppings they would like then got busy cooking a pizza for them. Our cooking this week was shark cakes! We mixed together blue buttercream icing then added a triangle shaped shark fin on top. We had lots of fun shouting ’There’s a shark in the park!’ when we had finished.  

My feelings

This week we have been learning all about our feelings. We have been discussing what all of the different emotions we can feel are, and what can make us feel them. The children have had fun showing us their happy, angry, sad and scared faces!

Our role play area continues as a pizza shop, and our exploration area has been sand with lots of ‘Mr potato head’ toys and accessories for the children to make faces with different emotions.

For our activities this week we have made face balloons. The grown ups blew up the balloons and tied them for us (only if we remembered to tell them to– otherwise the balloons flew across the classroom!) We also looked together at our feelings display and all put our face on how we were feeling that day.

For our cooking this week we made pizza faces. In the morning we had a small disaster when we realised that Emily had left the cheese for the pizzas at home! This meant that we had a chance to go on a small adventure to the big school to hunt for some cheese. Luckily we found some and could use cheese for our pizza faces’ hair.

All about me  

This week our topic has been ‘All about me.’ We have been looking in mirrors at what we could see and discussing the colour of our eyes and what our hair looks like. We spoke about how we all look different, but some of us have similar features whether it be brown eyes or short hair! We also looked at some of our baby pictures. It was so much fun guessing who was who… (Especially the grown-ups!) We again spoke about how we look different now and we have changed because we are bigger.

Our role play area has become a pizza shop. The children are having lots of fun adding the different toppings to the pizzas and putting them into the pizza oven. The exploration area has been water with babies that need a bath! The children were very gentle while pretending to wash them with the sponges.

Our cooking this week was face biscuits. First we made the icing and then spread it on top of the biscuit. The children then chose what toppings they wanted to use for the hair, eyes, nose and mouth. For our activity we had a go at painting our self portraits. We looked into mirrors to see which colours we wanted to use then had a go at independently painting our face!

Next week we are learning about our feelings.


Welcome to So 2 Speak

This week our topic has been ‘Welcome to So 2 Speak.’ After settling in for 3 days last week we have continued to do the same this week. It has been lovely watching the children interact and make new friends, explore the classroom and our outdoor area!

In our exploration area the children explored the sand tray, which was filled with buckets, spades and big and small dinosaurs. We have had sandcastle building competitions, hidden the dinosaurs in the sand and even had a go at mark making with our fingers in the sand.

In the role play the children have been busy making lots of ice creams! Emily and Matt are now very full after the amount of ice cream the children have so kindly been making for them! We all discussed what our favourite flavours were and what ice cream we like to eat at home.

We have also been talking about our class rules this week and the importance of being kind and gentle towards our friends. In So 2 Speak we use our ‘golden values’ books to help us remember to listen, be kind, be helpful, be honest, and to look after our things.