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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Helping your Child at Home

Everyday maths!

The aim is for all children to enjoy maths and be able to apply their skills in everyday life. Many practical areas of maths are learnt much more quickly if children practise them regularly. Here are some ideas:
• Point out the different shapes to be found around your home.
• Take your child shopping and talk about the quantities of anything you buy.
• Let your child handle money and work out how much things cost.
• Look together for numbers on street signs and car registration plates.
• Let them measure out ingredients for cooking
• Encourage them to use clocks, timer, alarms and watches

Home Learning Projects

There is usually a maths based activity on the home learning project each term. This is a great way to talk to your child and find out what they know about maths and what they have been learning. Identifying problems and solving them can also help your child develop maths skills. If you see him or her puzzling over something, talk about the problem and try to work out the solution together. Think about representing solutions to problems in creative ways including; colouring, drawing, using objects, graphs and tables! 

Methods to use!

There is some guidance in this section of the website about mathematical methods. It is very important that your child uses the method they have been taught to avoid confusion.

Useful websites:




Times Table Rockstars

Next year all year 4 pupils in the UK will be completing a times table check. The check will test pupils on their knowledge of the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

This year we have been using the hugely popular website TT Rockstars. All children from year 2 up have their own log in so they can play the fun games and earn coins. At lunchtime, there is a daily club where pupils can play these games.