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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.



Our Computing curriculum at King’s Hedges is designed to equip pupils with the skills needed in an ever changing technological world. Pupils use Computing tools to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsibly and creatively. The Computing teaching is supported in other curriculum areas where children have opportunities to apply and practice the skills and knowledge they have been taught. E-safety is a key aspect of the curriculum which are constantly re-visiting to enable our pupils to be safe and confident users of technology. Tips and resources for parents are included in newsletters. 

The Computing skills that we teach are organised into the four areas of: understanding technology, programming, digital literacy and E-safety. Our curriculum provides progression in each area, from nursery to year 6. 

Below are the progression statements which go from year one to year six. Teachers use this document to plan the computing curriculum

Marty The Robot

We have recently purchased some robots to help our coding and engineering skills. These Marty robots enable us to create algorithms and programs that our Marty will run. Marty is able to connect to our school laptops and iPads, meaning that he can be controlled and programmed wirelessly by the students. So far, we have had a dance off with our Martys, created quizzes in which Marty gives us feedback on our answers, and created our own function blocks, which enable us to make changes to our programs more quickly. Keep an eye on this space to find out what else we manage to get our Martys to do!

E-Safety Week

Our E-safety week this year feature a wonderfully entertaining performance of ‘In the Net’ by AlterEgo. This fun filled production taught our key stage pupils all about the dangers of sharing personal information online and the consequences of online bullying. As well as this, pupils across the school have learning about online safety. Our Nursery have learning the importance of sharing equipment and that too much time spent on equipment can be bad for your health. Year one have been learning that once a photo is shared online it is out there forever and how to use images from the internet. Year two have been learning all about the importance of breaks and getting fresh air between times spent using technology. Year three have learnt how to be kind to one another online and what to do if they are a victim of cyber bullying. Year four combined their e-safety learning with learning about keeping healthy and the impact advertising can have on lifestyle choices. Year five have focused on cyber bullying by learning about its causes and repercussions. Year six have been learning about the risks associated with apps and social media.


In the Net

It’s Dotty’s birthday and she’s just got a shiny new ipad.  But there’s a problem.  She’s not being too safe online.  She’s posting personal information, chatting to strangers and making rude comments about school friends.  When her behaviour results in her being pulled into the computer Dotty finds herself caught 'In the Net’.  The clock is ticking and in order to get home she must go on a quest – a quest to find out how to be safer online.  Along the way she’s helped by a whole host of colourful characters.

For help at home try:

visiting our E-Safety page!