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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Marshall / Launchpad trip

We were very lucky to be invited by Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and Launchpad Cambridge, to an extremely fun filled and informative day. We joined forces with St. Faith’s school to work on several challenges, from building a battery powered car and racing it, to building a chariot and racing the other teams. We also had to design a way to move a ‘radioactive’ ping-pong ball around a course, before working as a team to design a parachute for an egg. The eggs in their parachutes were lifted high above the hanger floor before being dropped, some successfully others, not so.

Whilst we were at Marshall we got to go on a site tour, we met the firemen and they talked about the equipment they used and gave us so many facts. Did you know a fire engine full of water weighs 35 tonnes?

We were allowed into the main hangar, where aeroplanes come to have any repairs they need, and a fresh coat of paint, we even got to go inside a C-130 Hercules this was an amazing opportunity and we are very grateful to Marshall and Launchpad Cambridge for giving us their time.


We enjoyed designing and making our nightlights. We worked in small groups of three or four mixed over the Robins and Wrens, our final designs were pretty amazing.

Amazon Rainforest

At the beginning of the term, we learnt all about the fascinating Amazon rainforest. We all took part in a rainforest day. We came into the blue hall that had been transformed into the sounds, sights, smells and tastes of the rainforest!

We used colour mixing techniques to paint realistic looking trees, plants and animals from the Amazon. Later on in the term, the forest we made was destroyed and we used drama to think about the effects of deforestation in real life. We used drama to act out roles of forest workers and charities and wrote some balanced arguments.

Amazon Rainforest Adventure

Year 4 visited the Botanic Gardens, where we learned about the different habitats plants live. We looked at how they have adapted to living in extreme climates from the highest mountain tops to the hottest desert. Our main focus was the plants that live and thrive in the rainforests.

Continuing on from our Amazonian adventure, during art we have created some amazing pictures here are a few for you to look at.

Science- what impact do humans have on their environment?

We went on an exploratory walk along the busway and around clay lake. We looked out for signs of wildlife and for signs of human impact.

When we returned to school, we designed a poster informing people how to keep safe in their local area, especially around water.

Science- The digestive system

We are currently learning about the digestive system, we have learned some amazing facts. Did you know, that a childs intestines are the size of a baby blue whale? which is about 30m

We have learned about the various jobs the parts of our intestines have, and the amazing way in which our bodies remove all of the nutrients and water from the food we eat.

DT – designing and making an Easter egg box

At the end of this term, everyone in Year 4 (even the teachers) brought in their own Easter egg. We researched the packaging and prices of some of these products. Each child had to design a new box for their egg that met the design brief.

The children took apart the existing boxes to explore the nets. They used the app ‘2design and make’ from ‘purple mash’ to design their own net.

Good cutting and accurate sticking were essential to make the boxes have a high quality finish. The final touches were padding inside to hold the egg securely.

The adults in Year 4 judged the outcomes and 4 winners and several runners up were decided.

PE- Inter-house football competition

At the end of our football topic we split into our houses and after a quick warm up all the houses took part in a four skills tests including; dribble maze and goal shooting.

After that, the houses competed in an inter-house football tournament.

Anglesey Abbey were the winners of the whole afternoon event!