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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Year 4

Year 4 Summer Topics

As the Summer Term begins we are going to invite you to a particle party! In this Science topic we are going to investigate and try to illustrate the different states of matter through writing, experimentation, dance and art. We will look in further detail at water and the water cycle. 

Now in Year 4, we will be building on our knowledge of people who have lived Great Britain, and now look at the Anglo Saxons. Who were they and how did they live? We hope to visit West Stow, one of England’s greatest archaeology sites with a stunning recreation of an Anglo Saxon village.

In Design and Technology, we will be exploring the many different ways to create a healthy, bread based snack. Forget sliced bread, what about bagels, pitta, flat breads and ciabatta and more?! Our taste buds are going to go on a journey around the world as we explore. Creating an innovative product will see us designing successful and tasty fillings. We will enjoy picnicking with our snacks.

A Geography based topic, looking at the difference between city life and Fen life, will help us think about why and how people choose certain locations to build their homes and develop their lives. Perhaps you could go and visit these two very different landscapes and talk about what you notice, like and how you would compare them?

What is the Buddhist way of life? In RE we will continue our research into Buddhism and some of the beliefs and practises of this religion. What do people believe about the creation of our World? We will begin to understand the diversity of belief in different religions

Autumn Term


As we arrive in Year 4 after the long break from school, we will think about journeys and ‘What makes a good journey?’ We will take our own simulated flight to America and investigate life there, through research projects, interview, foods, sport and the life of Edward Tulane-a very accident-prone porcelain rabbit. Brace yourself, we will play some American football! 

The journey of sound through the air into our ears will give us plenty to explore and experiment with. We need to protect our hearing-how could we do that? 

Another journey is that of electricity around a circuit, and our topic on ‘Are batteries included?’ will let us make many different circuits, try different materials and predict which will light bulbs or make buzzers work. We will extend this learning in our Design and Technology project, ‘What makes it Buzz?’ as we create our own games using batteries and knowledge acquired. Our own adverts will persuade a new audience to come and try out our games-will they get the approval of the players? 

Role up, role up! Would you be interested in joining the Roman army? The Romans came to Britain, stayed a while but eventually left. What did they do for us? This is a marvellous topic for finding out more about our own neighbourhood and the development of this country, from over 2000 years ago. Drama, Roman Numerals, research, Philosophy, drawing, letters home and persuasive speeches included. 

The Jataka tales will let us find out more about Buddhism through these intriguing stories. We will try our best to unearth truths in them regarding the character of Buddha. In Philosophy, we will consider the concept of happiness-what really makes us happy? Can these things withstand the test of time? 

As we approach Christmas, we will look at the different characters of the nativity story and think about their role and importance. If we could meet one, who would it be and what would we ask them?


Spring Term


Our first topic of the year is about the amazing plants and animals found in the Amazon. We will find out about the remarkable adaptations creatures make to live in the Earth’s largest rainforest. We will look at products that we readily find in our homes that come from the region, including coffee, chocolate and medicines too. 

Moving on from finding out about ‘the lungs of the Earth’, we will consider the role people have in maintaining this beautiful environment. Deforestation and destruction are big topics to research, but we will enjoy discussing it. Closer to home, what about our own local environment issues? How can we be part of positive solutions? 

After half term, get ready to join in with the rollercoaster journey of our food-where does it go? Teeth, mouth, digestive system, blood system and senses joining together to help us enjoy, eat and benefit from good food! 

Designing a package will enable us to use our Design and Technology skills to plan a product that will withstand sending through the post! Consideration of materials, weight, budget as well as aesthetics will all be important. Do you think you could send something fragile through the post in a box you created? 

We have an additional treat this term, with a visit to the Cambridge Launch pad, to be inspired, educated and enthused about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  

Our RE this term will be about how and why places of worship differ, continuing to find out more about Buddhism and Christianity. We will also be looking at why Easter is important for Christians, with a focus on Good Friday.