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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

How do people and animals survive in cold places?

For this topic we looked at the Arctic and compared different transport and jobs you might find there with Cambridge’s transport and jobs. We also talked about the animals that you might find in the Arctic and how they can survive there. In maths we estimated and measured temperature.

How to look after a pet?

We had a visit from Woodgreen who talked to us about how to look after a dog and how to approach a dog safely. This inspired us to write leaflets about dogs. Some of us made our leaflets on Pages on the iPads, showing off our skills with technology. We also then wrote a story based on ‘A Dogs’ Night’ which we changed parts of to make it our own. In maths we weighed different amounts of dog food and balls, ordering them from lightest to heaviest.


In maths we have been working very hard at all of our skills including, measuring shapes and directional langauge. In Shape, Space and Measure we have been measuring the length of sweets, estimating temperature and creating our own charts and graphs to show data that we had collected. We have practiced our knowledge of shapes, including symmetry and other properties, as well as drawing and describing shapes in chalk on the playground.

How has flight changed over time?

Before we headed off to Duxford we made our own foam planes, came up with questions to ask the people at Duxford and explored a map of Duxford. We then had our fantastic trip to Duxford, where we explored 3 different hangers including ‘Air and Space’, ‘American Air Museum’ and ‘conservation’. We sketched planes and did different activites to teach us about how planes work. In English we wrote a biography of the Wright brothers.


We began the year with our topic on ‘Pirates’. To start with we did a carousel of activities to spark our interest, including finding out where pirates came from, learning all kinds of new topic words and creating out own pirate flags. We also did some fantastic writing including a description of a mischievous pirate for a wanted poster and created our own pirate stories.

Healthy Living

Our next topic was ‘Healthy Living’ in which we designed and created our own healthy wraps for our friend. We also looked at how much sugar was in our foods using the ‘sugar smart’ app and tested our heart rates before and after exercise to which one was higher. As well as that, we created some brilliant food poetry and wrote a letter to a child in another school explaining how they could be healthier.


Fire of London

We then looked at the ‘Fire of London’ and learnt all about how the fire started as well as how the fire spread so quickly. We used our knowledge from science experiments on ‘Materials’ to extend our learning about the fire spreading. We also had a fire in the nursery fire pit, which we then described using some fantastic noun phrases and wrote a newspaper report about a (fake) fire that had got out of control in the school.



Our final topic of the term was ‘Emergency’. Mr Argue (father of Miss Argue) came in to tell us his terrifying tale about being lost at sea while scuba diving. We then wrote out the beginning to his story using as much description and emotive language as possible to grab our readers attention. We were then lucky enough to have a visit from the Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service who showed us a fire engine and explained why smoke detectors are so important as well as showing us all their protective gear.