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Nursery Work

 Winter Wonders  

Our topic book for this theme was ‘Stickman’ we enjoyed listening to this story and is one of our favourites! 

One of our activities was to make our very own stickman. We collected sticks from the forest and put googly eyes and a scarf on him.

We then used him to role-play and repeated some of the familiar phrases from the story such as “I’m Stickmn, I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman that’s me!” and “I want to go home to my family tree” 

We also painted with sticks, played the Snowman game where we rolled the dice and drew that amount of buttons on the Snowman and designed our own pair of mittens; we learnt that the two mittens had to match and have the same colours and patterns. 

Another activity was looking at and feeling the ice, we helped to put some water in the freezer one day and the next day it was frozen! It had changed from a liquid to a solid! It was really hard and cold. 

Making music 

This was a very loud and noisy week!

We enjoyed exploring all of the various musical instruments – our favourite instruments were the large cymbal and the xylophone! 

We learnt that different instruments make different sounds and are played in different ways; such as hitting, tapping, blowing or banging. We can play some instruments loudly or quietly and fast or slow, this is called a beat or tempo. 

We listened to the music and moved our bodies to the rhythm. We waved our ribbons and listend to the beat. 

We also made shakers; we filled a pot with different materials of our choice, for example, dried rice, lentils, beads, oats and stones and sealed a lid on top. We discovered that some of our shakers sounded different to our friends ones.

How do you feel

This week we painted ‘Mistake Monsters’ these monsters taught us that it is ok to make mistakes and try again. We used paint to create a Monster of our choosing, some had 7 arms, 3 eyes and 1 leg!

We enjoyed parachute games and singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’

We discussed feelings and what makes us happy, angry, excited etc. We learnt it is ok to feel different emotions.

Marvelous me

We took a brown paper bag home with an ‘All about me’ sheet, we filled the bag with some of our favourite things and brought it back to nursery where we showed our items to the class, talking about our favourite objects.

We also looked at our faces in the mirror and named the different features that we could see (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.) We also made collages of our faces using a range of different materials.  

We learnt that we all have similarities and differences.


Here we  go

This week we learnt all about vehicles! We enjoyed turning the role-play area into a bus and playing with the diggers in the sand.

We investigated how far the cars travelled down the different ramps, and why.

For our cooking activity we made ‘Traffic light shortbread’ and decorated it with red, orange and green smarties and icing.

We liked map making where we drew a long road and then drew pictures of vehicles along the road, we also drew traffic lights which are very important for our safety.

We also made our own stop and go signs outside which we enjoyed using and telling the adults when they could ‘stop’ and ‘go’.

Welcome to Nursery!

In Nursery this week the children have been busy making new friends. The children have been exploring inside and outside and they have been getting used to a new routine. We have talked lots about sharing toys and looking after our resources. The children who are in Nursery all day enjoyed making chocolate crispies on Thursday. They tasted delicious!

Going for Games

We have had so much fun in the last week of term. The children have enjoyed learning lots of games and we have been making the most of the fantastic weather and spending lots of time outdoors. On Wednesday we had a picnic and the children enjoyed bringing their teddy bears in for the day. Thank you to all of the parents who sent in food to be shared for the picnic. The children had such a lovely time.


Splash  into Summer

It has been so sunny and the children have enjoyed having the paddling pools out to play in. The children have been hooking the ducks and recognising sounds and words which are written underneath the ducks. As many children are preparing to move into reception we have opened the gate between the nursery and reception playgrounds. The children have really enjoyed playing together and meeting their new teachers.

On the Farm

We had an exciting week learning lots about farm animals. We learnt about the produce that we get from animals, how to look after animals and we talked about similarities and differences between the animals. Gemma’s Farm visited the school and the children really enjoyed meeting lots of animals. The children continue to develop their writing skills and they drew pictures of the animals and labelled them.


Six Legs or Eight

We really enjoyed finding mini-beasts in our playground. We learnt about where they like to live and we sorted them into different groups according to how many legs they had. We had a visit from Lion Learners. Clare brought lots of different animals in for us to see and we discussed which animals would make good pets. The children enjoyed touching lots of the animals and learning about how they are cared for.

Highlighting Heritage

This week we have been learning all about different countries around the world. Although we all live in England lots of us have families in other countries and we have been celebrating different cultures throughout the week. We have listened to music from around the world, tasted a variety of international foods and we have seen lots of traditional clothes. It was fantastic when an older child in the school came to demonstrate how to apply henna and talk to us about how and why it is used.

Children were busy in the Art lab drawing flags and labelling them.

On Friday we had a party where we tasted different foods from around the world. We tried houmous, different breads and some delicious home made food that parents, grandparents and carers sent in. The children also prepared some tasty cheese and cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and jam.

Maths Eyes

This week we have been learning that we can see Maths all around us. We have been estimating, counting, sorting and identifying shapes. It was great over 50 parents attend our ‘Maths Eyes’ workshops. Parents had a chance to see various activities that the children had been accessing throughout the week and the children loved sharing their knowledge. Please remember to complete a ‘Wow Moments’ sheet if your child is applying any of the new Maths skills they have learnt at Nursery when they are at home. We would love to hear about it.

Roots and Shoots (Week 1)

We have been learning lots outside this week. We have been digging up dandelions, looking at the features of plants and sowing grass seeds. The children having been learning about the needs of plants and we have been watching for signs of growth. In our role play area we set up a garden centre. The children enjoyed pretending they were the shop keepers and customers. In an adult led activity the children have been busy using chalk to draw sunflowers.

Swing into Spring

We have welcomed lots of new children into Nursery this week. The weather has been fantastic and we have been enjoying exploring our outside area. The blossom is out in our wooded area and there are plenty of minibeasts to be found. We have been learning about how the weather changes in Spring. The children went on a ‘Spring Hunt’ to look for signs of Spring. They found daisies, ladybirds, blossom and they heard the birds. We also had lots of fun using the water pump to collect water and clean windows. Children who come to nursery in the morning or stay all day made chocolate tiffin this week. They enjoyed crushing the biscuits and watching the chocolate melt.

Staying Healthy

We had a very busy week in Nursery. We have been talking about lots of different ways to stay healthy. In our activities we have been trying different exercises, making patterns with fruit and talking about our favourite healthy dinners. On Tuesday Krystal from Cavendish House Dental Care came in to talk to us about the importance of looking after our teeth. She showed us how to brush our teeth and we had a go on her models. Our dentist roleplay has been very popular. Children have been writing appointment cards, pretending to talk to customers using the telephone and even taking on the role of the dentist or patient.

On Wednesday afternoon the children were excited to see a fire engine in the playground. Some of the children drew pictures of the fire engine when they got back to the classroom. During our independent learning making music has been a very popular choice lately. Many children are particularly enjoying using the boom whackers.

At the end of the week we made banana and oat muffins. The children tried mashing the bananas and stirring the mixture. It was interesting to see what happened to the vegetable oil as we poured it into the milk.

Pets Week

This week we learnt lots about different types of pets. We talked about our own pets and pets that we might like to get in the future. On Monday the children met Miss Boak’s labrador. She is called Molly and we enjoyed stroking her and watching her tricks.

Later in the week we met Natalie’s dogs and Nicki’s budgies. The budgies were so colourful and they made lots of noise. We created our own pets using paper plates.

On Wednesday we had a pet show. Lots of children brought in photos of their pets and we had some pets in nursery. We met Ruby’s rabbit called Chloe and Zak’s rats. We had lots of fun and the children loved getting the beautiful rosettes.

We made some treats for the animals at Wood Green Animal Shelter. We learnt about what rabbits like to eat and we put hay and rose petals in tubes for the rabbits.

Outside we scooped horse food into our scales and we talked about how much food we thought different sized animals needed.


Looking after Pets

This week we learnt lots about looking after pets. We talked about what animals need to stay healthy. We enjoyed reading and writing CVC words on dog biscuits.

On Tuesday we had a visit from two vet nurses from Hollyoaks Vets in Histon. They talked to us about snacks that humans and pets can have. We found out that chocolate is very poisonous for dogs. The nurses brought an x-ray of a bearded dragon. We put the x-ray on the light box and we could see all of the bones. It was very interesting.

World Book Day


We had so much fun on World Book Day. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from stories and lots of parents and carers stayed to read with the children at at the beginning of the morning and afternoon.

Making Music

We listened to different types of music during the week. Samba was a particularly popular choice! We learnt about volume, pitch and rhythm. The children played lots of different instruments and they even made their own shakers. Some of the older children in the school came with Mrs Addison to play to us and they were fantastic. We made blueberry muffins, they were delicious!

Winter Wonders

The children have settled in well after the holidays. This week we spent time talking about what we might see and feel in Winter. Children made Winter wands from sticks and we enjoyed reading ‘Stick Man.’ At the end of the week we had a campfire. We talked about how to stay safe around fires. We warmed milk on the fire and the children enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and talking about what they had learnt about Winter.


Children were excited to find that the snow had once again settled in our outdoor area. On Monday children enjoyed making marks in the snow with shovels, brooms and rakes. The children were curious to find out whose footprints were made in the snow before they arrived. We enjoyed making Christmas baubles and decorating them with glitter and sequins. We practised our Christmas songs and enjoyed performing them to other pupils and parents. 

In the writing lab children were busy writing cards to their family and friends and some children chose to write a list for Santa. Our Christmas party was lots of fun. We played lots of party games such as musical statues. On the last day of term we had a very important visitor in Nursery. Father Christmas came to see us!

Boxes and Balls

We had lots of excitement on 1st December when the snow settled on the artificial grass. The children enjoyed shovelling the snow and putting it in wheelbarrows. We have looked at a variety of boxes and talked about their uses. Boxes can be used to hide presents and the children have enjoyed wrapping boxes. Children also chose baubles to decorate the Christmas tree. The area near the tree has been a very popular spot to share books together. In ERR we have been working hard to learn new sounds. We are applying our knowledge during lots of different activities. This week the children have been sorting Christmas objects by their initial sound. Later in the week we made Christmas pudding crispies. We counted 20 seconds when the chocolate was melting in the microwave and we enjoyed decorating them.

To Market, To Market

This week we have been learning lots about fruit and vegetables. We learnt about where they come from and how they get to our cupboards. We talked about the differences between a greengrocers and a supermarket. In one of our activities we dug vegetables that Curiosity had left for us to explore. We found onions, beetroot, potatoes and parsnips. We wrote price tags for them and used them in our role play area outside. At the end of the week we had a visit from Sandra who works at Tesco in Milton. She showed us some very unusual fruits and we tried lots of various types of cheese. We also had a chance to create our own healthy cereal with Sandra.

Bread and Butter

It has been an exciting week in Nursery! The children have been busy in the bakery role play area pretending to buy and sell bread. Children who attend in the afternoon made rolls from salt dough. We have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and we have talked about the importance of helping our friends and working together. We learnt that bread is made from grains and there are lots of different types of bread. We tried brioche and pitta bread. Later in the week we had a visit from Pete Hatley, a local farmer from Landbeach. He told us about his job as a farmer and the children were very excited when they got a chance to sit in his tractor. We have also been improving our cooking skills. This week we made banana bread, it was tasty!

Apples and Pumpkins

The children were excited to find a grocery shop in the classroom! They enjoyed pretending to use the tanoys attached to the tills and lots of children wanted to buy fruit for their “babies.” We used pumpkins and apples to make prints with different colours. Outside we explored rolling apples and conkers. We talked about which ones rolled the furthest and why.

Autumn Antics

We found out about seasons! We discovered that in Autumn there are lots of changes in the environment. We looked at the leaves and saw that many of them had changed colour. We decided to look for signs of Autumn in our playground so we went on an ‘Autumn object hunt’. We found lots of different things including conkers, red leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves, acorns and pine cones! The children really enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Gruffalo.’ They enjoyed using the masks when acting out parts of the story.

Sensational Senses

This week children explored their 5 senses. They particularly enjoyed feeling different textures and the ‘feely pots’ were very popular. One of our activities involved smelling a variety objects that were hidden in pots. The marmite was not very popular but all of the children liked the smell of apple shampoo!