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Nursery Work 2017-18


Making Music

We listened to different types of music during the week. Samba was a particularly popular choice! We learnt about volume, pitch and rhythm. The children played lots of different instruments and they even made their own shakers. Some of the older children in the school came with Mrs Addison to play to us and they were fantastic. We made blueberry muffins, they were delicious!

Winter Wonders

The children have settled in well after the holidays. This week we spent time talking about what we might see and feel in Winter. Children made Winter wands from sticks and we enjoyed reading ‘Stick Man.’ At the end of the week we had a campfire. We talked about how to stay safe around fires. We warmed milk on the fire and the children enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and talking about what they had learnt about Winter.


Children were excited to find that the snow had once again settled in our outdoor area. On Monday children enjoyed making marks in the snow with shovels, brooms and rakes. The children were curious to find out whose footprints were made in the snow before they arrived. We enjoyed making Christmas baubles and decorating them with glitter and sequins. We practised our Christmas songs and enjoyed performing them to other pupils and parents. 

In the writing lab children were busy writing cards to their family and friends and some children chose to write a list for Santa. Our Christmas party was lots of fun. We played lots of party games such as musical statues. On the last day of term we had a very important visitor in Nursery. Father Christmas came to see us!

Boxes and Balls

We had lots of excitement on 1st December when the snow settled on the artificial grass. The children enjoyed shovelling the snow and putting it in wheelbarrows. We have looked at a variety of boxes and talked about their uses. Boxes can be used to hide presents and the children have enjoyed wrapping boxes. Children also chose baubles to decorate the Christmas tree. The area near the tree has been a very popular spot to share books together. In ERR we have been working hard to learn new sounds. We are applying our knowledge during lots of different activities. This week the children have been sorting Christmas objects by their initial sound. Later in the week we made Christmas pudding crispies. We counted 20 seconds when the chocolate was melting in the microwave and we enjoyed decorating them.

To Market, To Market

This week we have been learning lots about fruit and vegetables. We learnt about where they come from and how they get to our cupboards. We talked about the differences between a greengrocers and a supermarket. In one of our activities we dug vegetables that Curiosity had left for us to explore. We found onions, beetroot, potatoes and parsnips. We wrote price tags for them and used them in our role play area outside. At the end of the week we had a visit from Sandra who works at Tesco in Milton. She showed us some very unusual fruits and we tried lots of various types of cheese. We also had a chance to create our own healthy cereal with Sandra.

Bread and Butter

It has been an exciting week in Nursery! The children have been busy in the bakery role play area pretending to buy and sell bread. Children who attend in the afternoon made rolls from salt dough. We have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and we have talked about the importance of helping our friends and working together. We learnt that bread is made from grains and there are lots of different types of bread. We tried brioche and pitta bread. Later in the week we had a visit from Pete Hatley, a local farmer from Landbeach. He told us about his job as a farmer and the children were very excited when they got a chance to sit in his tractor. We have also been improving our cooking skills. This week we made banana bread, it was tasty!

Apples and Pumpkins

The children were excited to find a grocery shop in the classroom! They enjoyed pretending to use the tanoys attached to the tills and lots of children wanted to buy fruit for their “babies.” We used pumpkins and apples to make prints with different colours. Outside we explored rolling apples and conkers. We talked about which ones rolled the furthest and why.

Autumn Antics

We found out about seasons! We discovered that in Autumn there are lots of changes in the environment. We looked at the leaves and saw that many of them had changed colour. We decided to look for signs of Autumn in our playground so we went on an ‘Autumn object hunt’. We found lots of different things including conkers, red leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves, acorns and pine cones! The children really enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Gruffalo.’ They enjoyed using the masks when acting out parts of the story.

Sensational Senses

This week children explored their 5 senses. They particularly enjoyed feeling different textures and the ‘feely pots’ were very popular. One of our activities involved smelling a variety objects that were hidden in pots. The marmite was not very popular but all of the children liked the smell of apple shampoo!

Fun with Families

Thank you to everybody who sent a photo in of their family. The children really enjoyed showing the class who was in their family. We drew family portraits and we talked about all families being different. The children enjoyed using role play to act out family scenes. The pushchairs were very popular and lots of babies were being taken to the park. One child decided that they would take their baby on the bus to London to buy some new handbags!

Fun with Friends

We have been busy making friends and learning about how to be a good friend. This week we played lots of team games and talked about sharing and taking turns. The children enjoyed playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and ‘Hide and seek.’ At the end of the week we made a biscuit for a friend. We asked them questions about what they would like on their biscuit and we asked them if they were happy with how it looked when it was made.

Marvellous Me

We talked about parts of our bodies and enjoyed singing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes.’ Children used mirrors to look at their faces and talk about the colour of their hair and eyes. We used wool, pens and googly eyes to make self portraits. We talked about who can help us when we are not well and enjoyed dressing up as doctors and treating our dolls. The children made tasty biscuits and decorated them with icing.

Settling in to Nursery

The children settled in to their new classes quickly. They particularly enjoy child initiated learning in the outdoor area. The climbing frame and the slide are very popular. Lots of children have fun using the dressing up clothes.

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