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Year 1

Where in the World am I?

To kick start our first term in year 1 we looked at our community. We discussed all of the features that our community had and then thought about what else we might like to have. We decided we would like to have more parks, a swimming pool and more shops. We then read the story of The Bear and the Scary Night and had to make lost posters for the poor bear who got lost in the park.

Can you Guess who I am?


We investigated the diet of lots of different animals. We had to decide whether they were an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore.
We then wrote our own ‘what am I?’ riddles and our partners had to guess which animal we had chosen.



During our mini unit all about autumn we had the opportunity to go outside and explore the school grounds. We had to spot things that only occur in autumn and we managed to find trees that had started to lose their leaves, leaves that change colour and we observed how the weather starts to change. We also wrote some excellent autumn descriptions, trying hard to use adjectives to enhance our writing.


Year 1 had a great time learning all about Christmas. We visited the extensive range of nativity sets we have in school and discussed which ones were our favourite and why.

We also had a very special visit from Father Christmas to help us with our writing. We learnt how to write questions and had the opportunity to interview Father Christmas. We then had a very special letter from Father Christmas asking us to bake him a new flavour of cookie. We all rolled up our sleeves and baked the best cookies we could. Father Christmas then came back in to choose his favourite one. We think he liked them all!

What can you see at the Theatre?


In this mini-unit we completed some follow-up activities based around our trip to the Cambridge arts Theatre to see ‘Dick Whittington and his Cat’. We had a fantastic time at the theatre and the trip really helped us with our writing. We wrote a review of the production and thought about our favourite parts and who might like to go and see it.

Is it Too Strong, or Just Right?


For this unit we visited the Learning Bus. During our time in the Learning Bus we learnt all about space. We looked at what happens to an astronaut’s senses when they go up in to space. To explore what happens to their taste we made strong mints, just like astronauts take with them.

Continuing on the theme of ‘too strong or just right?’ We read the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We tried different types of porridge and had to decide which one was our favourite. After studying the different characters and basic plot we had a go at writing our own stories changing the porridge, chairs and beds for other items in the house.

Why is it Cold?

In this unit of work we were looking at seasonal changes and what we can see outside in the winter. We went on a winter walk to identify as many changes as possible. We also looked at the weather and wrote our own weather reports. We had fun exploring ice and seeing what we could do to make it melt faster.

Why do we Need Shoes?


Thanks to Miss Collen we were surrounded by hundreds of shoes for this unit of work. We had the chance to explore a whole host of different shoes. We asked questions like: What are they made of? Who might wear them? How are they made? We designed our own dream pair of shoes and labelled pictures of our designs. We then wrote to Clarks to tell them why our shoes were the best. The end our topic we all worked very hard to make a bag to carry our indoor shoes in. Everyone worked really hard and some fantastic bags were made!

What were Toys like in the Past?


This was our history unit for the term. We had a visitor from Denny Abbey come and see us. She brought in lots of very old toys for us to look at and explore. We looked at the differences between the toys we play with now and the toy they had in the past. Linking in with toys we have been looking at everyday materials in science. We have looked at which materials are waterproof, which materials float and sink.

Multi-Skills Morning at NCA

Year 1 were invited to NCA to take part in a multi-skills session lead by their sports leaders. All of year 1 had a really good morning, trying many activities that they have not experienced before. We tried penalty shootouts, agility ladders, hurdles, target throwing and many more. A good morning was had by all!