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Year 1

Hello I'm new here, can you help me?

In our first topic we learnt all about our local community. We discussed things that we have in our school community and what makes our school a g eat place to learn. We then looked at things we can find in our wider community, shops, parks, schools and other facilities. We learnt how to write our address and how the different parts of an address helps the postman to deliver the mail. In maths we explored 2D shapes and tried to make our own shapes out of straws. We also did a lot of work on measuring using non-standard units.

What am I?

In this science based topic we looked at a wide variety of animals and spent time describing what they looked like. We wrote riddles and the reader had to try and guess what our animal was. We learnt about how to look after a pet and the importance of food, shelter, health care and love. Our study of animals continued in art where we explored aboriginal paintings and used a dotting technique to decorate lizards and turtles.  We were also very lucky to watch a production of Oliver Twist. We then wrote our opinions on the play and what we enjoyed. In maths we have been learning to tell o’clock and half past times.

What can you see in Autumn?

This has been such a fun topic! We have continued our science learning by looking at seasonal changes. We have been on an autumn walk where we looked at changes that are happening outside. We then went on a leaf hunt and made our own autumn hedgehogs. When Halloween arrived we took part in some pumpkin carving. Whales class had a go at counting how many seeds we scooped out of our pumpkins We lost count when we got to 100! We have written autumnal descriptions, focusing on our use of adjectives and we have also written autumn fact files, where we learnt all about non-fiction texts and how we can learn interesting facts and information from them. We can tell you a lot about autumn now!

Victorian Toys

We have been learning all about Victorian toys. We have been comparing them to the toys we play with at home and at school.  We had the opportunity to explore a range of replica Victorian toys and we made our own cup and ball toy.  We enjoyed learning about all of the different types of toys and we also discovered that some of the toys are still played with today.  We also learnt about the huge difference between ‘rich’ toys and ‘poor’ toys. We did some writing in role and received our very own Victorian birthday presents!  We wrote diary entries about our birthday and what we thought of our new toys.    

 Why is it cold?

In this unit we looked at the weather and how it changes throughout the different seasons. We looked at how to stay warm and also what we can see outside when it is really cold.  As part of our Big Bang afternoon we explored ice and how we can melt it.  We looked at the effects that salt has on melting ice.  In philosophy we had to decide whether we would like to live in a hot or cold country and give a reason for our choice.  We also practised our observational drawing skills and looked at different snowflake patterns and tried to draw our own.  We had to look carefully at the small details.

Why do we need shoes?

We had a great time exploring a huge variety of shoes! We looked at grouping shoes, sorting them according to the materials they are made out of.  We had fun designing our own dream shoes.  We had everything from roller skates to high-heeled party shoes.  To end our topic we designed and made our own paper bags to carry our indoor shoes in.

What were toys like in the Victorian times?

We started our topic by making our own cup and ball toys based on those from the Victorian period. We have also had great fun exploring other old toys during this topic.  We have been lucky enough to have a range of replica toys in the classroom that we can play with and investigate.  We have done a lot of comparison work and looked at the materials that Victorian toys were made out of compared to our modern day toys.  We also got ourselves in to role and pretended to be Victorian children.  We were given our own ‘birthday presents’ and had to explain how we felt when we received them.  We also snuck in to the world of modern toys with some work around the film Toy Story 2.

Hello I’m new here!

In this unit we looked at our local community.  We started off looking at our school and thought about what our favourite part was.  We then looked at our wider community and spoke about the facilities we have near our school and also what we would really like to have. We looked at some maps and worked in groups to discover what different symbols meant. 

What am I?

This was a science based unit, looking at ‘animals including humans’.  We looked at lots of different animals and thought about how we could group them according to their different characteristics.  We also looked at what different animals eat and used Venn diagrams to record our findings.  We wrote lots of animal descriptions and learnt to use adjectives to help enhance our writing!

What can you see in autumn?

This has been our favourite topic so far!  There has been lots of exciting things happening in autumn that we have been able to explore.  To kick start our topic we had a go at pumping carving.  We managed to scoop out all of the flesh and seeds.  We all got rather messy!  We then went on an autumn walk, where we collected lots of colourful leaves.  Back in the classroom we used these leaves to create autumn hedgehogs.