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Year 4

Autumn Term

Who Do You Think You Are? We will start our journey into Year 4 with a 'Big Bang' day, where we will journey to New York on a simulated flight. Whilst we are visiting the USA, we will be comparing the USA and the UK looking at the various landscapes from deserts to snowy mountains and the frozen north. We will be tasting some of the local delicacies, from Southern Fried chicken, pizza, hot dogs, New York cheesecake and pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. We will be writing a story, based on what we learn as well writing a postcard home.

What The Romans Did For Us, we will be learning, when the Romans came to the UK, why they came here and what did they bring for us from cats to central heating, their new ideas and technology from bricks to central heating. We will try some Roman food did you know the Romans bought us carrots, cucumbers, cabbages, radishes, broad beans and celery as well as apples and pears.

In science, we will cover topics such as sound, the way it travels, how to change the pitch of a noise and what happens to the vibrations when we make sounds louder or quieter. We will also be learning to make a simple series circuit, and lighting up a bulb, how to keep ourselves safe around electricity before we design and make our own nightlights.


Spring Term

Our first topic of the new year is The Amazon, with a visit to the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge this is a very exciting topic. We will be discovering the variety of plants that grow in the Amazon, the everyday products like chocolate and coffee that come from there. The diverse animal life that manages to survive in such a warm wet climate, as well as tasting some of the fabulous food that grows there. We will then move on to talk about deforestation and the destruction of the rainforests, do we support or oppose it. Part of this topic involves us looking at human impact on the local area, which will include a no doubt muddy, walk around Chivers Lake locally known as, Clay Lake. Where we will be able to see an abundance of bird life, a variety of trees and plants and hopefully the first sign of spring, a snowdrop or two.

After the half-term break we will be studying the digestive system and how it works, understanding further the job of the teeth and mouth, and the route food takes as it passes through us.

D.T. will see us design and make our own Easter Egg boxes, this has always been a hit topic. Children will be asked to bring in their own Easter Egg, we will look at value for money, weight and what you get for your £ before finally designing and making a new box in which to bring the Easter Egg home again.


Summer Term

During the final term of Year 4, we will be looking at Fen V's City, where we compare the rural life of the Fens to the hustle and bustle of city life. We hope to visit Cambridge city centre as well as Wicken Fen, to give us greater knowledge and understanding of the two very different landscapes, and way of life.

We will also be looking at the Anglo-Saxons, who were they? Why did they come here? What did they bring us? When did they come? all questions that can be answered in this topic, we are hoping that we will also be able to fit in a trip to West Stow, an Anglo-Saxon village and working archaeological site where we will learn so much more about these interesting people.

In D.T. we will be designing and making our own sandwiches, this topic is always great fun and gives the children the opportunity to taste many different varieties of bread, fillings and spreads. They will then design, their own sandwich, make their own sandwich and get to eat it for lunch. Last year we had some very interesting concoctions from strawberries, cheese and mayo to tuna and tomato.

Science will  see us cover, solids, liquids and gasses. Looking at changing states, can we melt chocolate and turn it back into a solid state, what about an ice cube?