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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Winter Wellbeing

School Council Task 2

Winter wellbeing









New art work












Feedback on our class book















A question we would like to ask



Caterpillars: Relaxation – balloon activity, calm video, took deep breaths in so our heart rate is calming down, calming pictures by the calming down table. Resilience – to try your best and never give up, to ask for help if you have tried and still need to work on it, to use the instructions or resources to help you. 

E safety, class rules, be a good friend, mindfulness, not right or wrong answer, yoga, Wordsmart Colouring for mindfulness Doodling art Drawing

Comedy, action, journey. Relationships between 2 people should be safe.

“The Solar System is very useful for telling us information about planets e.g. the order and how far away there are) “I really like the timeline because it tells you when each event happened” “I like the map outside Miss Merritt’s office because I think it’s useful to know more about our local area and where places are” “ I like the Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn pictures because it reminds of hot, calm days. It makes me feel calm” “I like all of them because they are all useful about learning”

We like it. It makes you feel like you are in it. It is bright and colourful and includes information. We like the maps. I feel ok with them as they help me with learning. You can enjoy learning even more.

Y6: Whole class raised hands for enjoyment. All agree it’s for the right age group. “There are lots of vocabulary I have learnt from it” “I like the fact they go to Impossible Places and they describe it really clearly so you can imagine it” “There’s always a feeling of a cliff hanger when the teacher stops reading. It makes me want to read and hear more it” “It makes me excited to find out what happens next… I like to guess what will happen next” “It’s funny because of the ghost-pirates and how everything is upside-down in Trollsville”

Y4: The Firework Maker’s Daughter: we give it 8/10 .It was alright for year 4. It was hard to read with difficult words, weird, hard to understand, frightening, too creepy







Y6: Are there going to be any changes to the playground or activities?

Y5: Will we ever be able to play with our friends again? When will everything be normal? When will we be able to have more time to eat lunch? When will everything go back to normal?

Y4: why do adults wear visors? Do adults in ASC mix bubbles?



I think some of the things I needed, I don’t.

We have looked at how to calm down (Relaxation), and resilience. Resilience is about being able to bounce back. We have also looked at Responsibilities and our part in recycling and behaviour.

Resilience is being like a flattened ball that bounces back again.

We have thought about risks in PE, stranger danger

We enjoyed doing some yoga during our PE and practising our breathing techniques for when we are getting a bit stressed and nervous

A good idea but you are not allowed to walk in the corridors very often. 

Not been able to see them yet

Could we go please?

Yes we have seen and liked-we saw some of our own learning on the time line.

We haven’t been out much in corridors but what we have seen we do like. We are looking forward to the time where we can go see it all.






Y3 Tilly is really fun to read and we’d like to be able to take the book home We like the illustrations. Tilly is just right. It is super funny to listen to. There are sad bits but we have coped well with Tilly’s mum being dead. We like the illustrations.

Y5: Cosmic. It is suitably funny and good because you get to ask questions. It’s a really good book but some words are really hard to read. It is a great, unusual book but some word are difficult. It’s funny because some words are combined together. (JCW: When I read with the Dolphins they all loved following the story of Tilly in the class copies-could have heard a pin drop)

Y2: Charlie and the firefighter/ Goldilocks and the 3 bears: Yes, we all like the nice stories –they make you feel happy and it is fun. They were surprising.

Y1: We are enjoying going through different picture books and lots of stories as they aren’t too long. We wanted to ask Miss Lett if there was a suitable “novel” for Yr1 that wasn’t too long but is longer than a short picture book.


Y3 we would like more plants to attract bees. Could we have a bird feeder to look at?

Y2? Can we have a class pet? When can we open the scrap store/Jamel’s trail and Tia’s garden?