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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Coping With Coming Back To School

School Council Task 1

Things pupils like best about being back at school






Have there been things

that are difficult?








How has your class managed with the extra hygiene and measures to prevent germs spreading?







Lots of new things. How do pupils feel

they are coping?






A question we would like to ask….





Seeing friends 

Work is easier here than on line

Seeing friends 

Being with teachers

Lessons are more fun 

Being able to do teamwork

Getting back into school routine, reading, fun subjects and fun books 

Seeing friends, staying safe, teachers are better at teaching than parents, learning

Staying in bubble 

Tests: PIRA and PUMA 

Social distancing from teachers

Lots of handwashing and different routines 

Staying in allocated zone and away from different bubble

Fast pace of work 


Washing hands is boring staying in bubbles staying in number order

Struggling with the new routines including handwashing and distancing

Quick lunch hardest thing

Washing hands a lot to keep the germs away.

Have adapted to routines 

Worried about Covid 19

Annoyed that we cannot choose where we sit at lunchtime, lunch is late and we cannot sit outside

How long until we can mix bubbles?

Coping well, happy to try things but exhausted

Pretty good but do sometimes feel sad-so a bit up and down

Not getting help from adults like before

Okayish-most felt it was sort of ok…

We think if we keep going with the same rules we will be getting more in to it?


Will there be trips or visitors?

Why do we need to be socially distanced from teachers and not each other? 

How is sports day going to work?

Why are pupils not listening to lunchtime staff?

Do we need to keep washing hands?

When will clubs open?





We like going back to normal class 



Seeing friends

Work, including number work and handwriting

Getting merits/going on field/playtime/subjects 

Playing with friends, work, reading, Pirate topic and GH, PIRA and PUMA 

Handwriting, spellings, work reading, playing with friends/lunchtimes and lessons


Break and lunch-rules 

Not playing with different year groups

Maths skills/GH/getting stuff done in time is a pressure

Sitting in rows and handwashing so often

Getting up too early and hard work

Tests, handwriting, writing, work, Grammar Hammer not playing with friends or siblings in other bubbles, not playing on equipment outside, washing hands so much

Yes, we feel we have managed with the extra hygiene.

Washing hands and lining up is ok but takes time Parents have remembered their special gate.

Learned to cough into arms and washing hands often. Some wearing face coverings and playing in own play safe

We are good at washing hands, lunchtimes are too quick and not eating our lunch. Happy in rows

It is overwhelming 

Coping really well

Feel safe but tired 

Happy and excited to be back but sad and nervous too-warnings not liked

Miss our family but happy to be back learning. Worried to begin with and the changes but feeling better about it.

When will we have longer for lunch?

Will there be clubs or trips?

Can we have a choice of playground zones or more things to do at lunchtime?

Does everyone find Grammar Hammer hard?

When will we have a dress up day?

When can we use Jamel’s trail?