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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Lunchtime Activities

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Y6 Play with the equipment such as hula hoops and circuits. They were fun to play with; on Thursdays it helped us with our teamwork; everyone has been playing fair; everyone’s been sharing the equipment. Bigger space for the circuits; the equipment could be optional. Ladders on the floor to step/jump. Hula Hoops was really fun but it would be fun to have a smaller and larger hula hoop to practise with. We have enjoyed the games / team challenges at lunch time. I’m looking forward to the challenges becoming a little bit harder.

Y5: We would like to see smaller bubbles at lunch because there are too many children more teachers outside to supervise and add hand sanitiser to be available on playground. Y5 seem to be asking if there should be more restrictions to help avoid catching Covid19. Ladder is alright. Imagination games with friends is good.

Yr4: Most respondents thought that small equipment was very welcome and could be used in different ways. ‘hula hoops have been great fun-you can do a lot with them and make up your own games.’

Y6: We all need someone we can talk to. All pupils except a few felt they had someone to talk to; most pupils had someone inside and outside of school to talk to. No changes since COVID. We can talk to the deputies if we need help. We can talk to the teachers in the class / bubble. We can talk to lunch time supervisors. There are lots of trusted adults including mum, dad, aunty, nan, older siblings (over 18). We can find our trusted adults on safety phone. Changes: it hasn’t changed because you can still talk to your family at home because you are a bubble. You can still speak to adults (in your bubble).

Y5: We know who to talk to: adults, older siblings, teachers, TAs and friends, we know a good number at home and at school to talk to.



Tell me one fun thing that happened this week that you or your class enjoyed. Y6:- the diary entry we have been writing ( most of the class agree)-hockey in PE- RE (learning some new things) - dictation - maths (learning long division) I enjoyed the lunch time activities because they were fun. I enjoyed doing PE because I enjoyed the fun drills we did. I liked the team lunch time activity at lunch time. I liked writing diary entries from the different perspectives. I like that we had homework for the first time.

Y5: We got to practise a lot f football and lunchtime. Activities we have enjoyed: art, mindfulness and playing with different pupils. PE, a balanced argument(English) Art and PSHE-mindfulness

Y4: Tokens for TTrockstars, using small squares in maths book and addition and decimal equations that make us feel like real Yr 4 pupils.

Y5: When will we have full lunchtimes again?

Y4: We would like to have a water fountain and a bigger maze.

Y3: When can we use Jamel’s trail again and when can we eat outside…in the summer? When can School Council members meet in person? Do we still only have 15 minutes to eat lunch?

Y2: When can the scrap store open again? Tia's garden?

Good, nice to have something to do, learning new skills and being creative. We prefer hula hoops to running. Very excited to be doing new activities.

Y3 We really like the activities put out for us at lunchtime, help us have fun and be creative and make up new games together.

Y3 Skipping is good and we would like to improve it by having 2 zones or activities in one area.

Y3: Skipping ropes are good, enough for all children but some silly behaviour. Half the class enjoyed skipping.

Y2: Football and skipping, dancing and aerobics at lunch have been fun





Y4: Children knew about having adults in school and outside of school to talk to teachers, doctor, family, friends, childline. You could zoom with people who do not live with you.

Y3: We know there are adults in school and at home we can talk to. Older friends or brothers and sisters can be talked to. We can phone child line 08001111 and we know the number or the police 999 we know more people out of school than in to talk to: grandparents were good before covid but now we don’t talk/travel to them we have people inside and outside of school that we trust to talk to. We miss seeing grandparents at the moment. We can’t see all the adults we do trust in school eg teachers from last year, as they are in different bubbles.

Y2: We know to talk to adults or teachers, mums or dads most of the people we talk to if we need to are in school. Glad we can now talk to our friends back at school.

Y4: Hockey, writing, music and maths

Y3 AR reading and quizzes English: writing Lunch zones have been much more fun English, Egyptians in History and roman numerals in maths TTrockstars and handwriting spelling wheel for practising spellings TTRockstars

Y2: Skipping and colouring in a prayer mat were fun Y2: skipping and football, Good I learnt how to skip and I can now dribble. Frustrating not to be able to skip for some. Skipping, new ERR drawing fruit, writing to Reception, getting lots of merits






Can we do more Art?

When can we mix bubbles?