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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Lunches and Christmas

School Council Task 4

Hot lunches







The current lockdown and your feelings












One interesting thing…











A question we would like to ask….

What favourite foods would you like to see on the school lunch menu?

Y6: Could we have some ice-cream and a different selection of fruit? Sausage rolls, chicken goujons, lasagne, shepherds delight (pie?) Fudge cake, lemon drizzle cake, brownies

Y5 Pizza and chips, hot dogs, burgers, sausage and mash. Chocolate cake with choc sauce, waffle and ice-cream, carrot cake and cream, fries, hot dogs, burgers, donuts chicken drum sticks, wraps, noodles, spicy/vegetable spicy burgers mince pies, strawberry cake, apple pie

Y4: Pizza, nuggets, burgers, doughnuts, ice cream and brownies plus: ‘we love democracy!’

Do you have any concerns now during the current lockdown which is due to finish on 2.12.20?

Y6 When lockdown is finished, will we be in school? Will there be another lockdown? When can we mix normally? Will we go back to having no school?

Y5 Will the shops be open for Christmas presents? We are worried about corona virus and having another outburst of the virus over Christmas. For Christmas we are sad and upset if we can’t see our family from different parts of the country and abroad. We are worried that people are becoming complacent and there may be a 3rd lockdown. We are worried about cross over points at school. We are worried that C19 will continue to grow.

Tell me one interesting thing that happened this week in your class? Inside or outside!

Y6 Learning the names of parts of a circle. Hockey CUFC zoom assembly about bullying, PSHE, creative corner in English, stop motion pictures

Y5 Making night lights and making up outdoor games. Friday Club, Art and mindfulness making glass night lanterns, music lessons, playing with different people and skipping ropes, just being with Mrs Rogerson and the team, RE and PE

Y4: A bird broke in, pooped in the classroom, spoiled the whiteboard… nested and then 3 decided to stay.

Y5 Will we have a Christmas lunch or party?  are people sticking to the 2m rule?

Y3: What if lockdown continues? We can’t see our families over Christmas. Will we still be able to go to school? We still want to play with our friends but they are in different bubbles. Will Santa be able to do his job this year or will Christmas have to be cancelled?

Y4: When will there be a new lunch zone and could we have something else to do in the skipping zone?

Y4: Chicken nuggets, pizza, curry, carrot cake, cake and ice cream.

Y3: Roast dinner, pizza, soup, nuggets burger, hot dog, sausages, pasta, chocolate cake and chocolate sauce, carrot cake, ice-cream chicken nuggets, pasta or spaghetti, hot dogs

Y2: Pasta pizza hot chocolate pizza, fish and chips, burgers, donuts. In Packed Lunches could we have biscuits instead of yoghurts?

Y3: Pizza, roast chicken, steak and chips, chicken nuggets and chips, jacket potatoes and tuna, hot dogs…and doughnuts.

Y1: Pizza, chips, nuggets and noodles.

Y5: We have missed going to the shops, seeing friends and going to the farm.

Y4: Christmas, shopping, birthday plans, meeting friends in our homes are all ruined. Not seeing friends outside of school, Christmas dinner with families will be different

Y3: We are not sure. A bit worried about what will happen in the holidays and who we can see. We did feel cold in the classroom especially on Friday. We are concerned about what Christmas will be like this year.

Y2: We enjoy playing the games at lunchtime

Y1: We have a range of feelings including: sad, disappointed worried but happy it is going to end.

Y4: Making our Christmas song for the advent calendar

Y3: The zoom assembly with Ashley was really good. We liked learning and performing our piece for the advent calendar. We like playing hockey. We loved getting a letter from Miss Merritt. Duck, duck, goose at lunchtime was fun. Statistics was fun and so was English. Learning about volcanoes and writing stories about an eruption.

Y2: Please could have longer to eat our lunch?

Y1: Making our advent calendar was much fun-we made elves. Using Scratch Jr for computing was great fun.


Y3: When can we use Jamel’s trail? When will we be able to mix bubbles and play together?

Y1: Can we go to the hall and eat and can we have longer for lunch? Will we be able to have a school trip this year?