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Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Remote Learning During Closure or Self-isolation 

Up to date information is available here: www.gov.uk/coronavirus 

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In the event of a local outbreak, the Public Health England health protection team or the local authority may advise a school or number of schools to temporarily close. It is the the government's expectation that schools will provide immediate remote education. King's Hedges Educational Federation has chosen to offer our online learning through Seesaw. 



Thank you for all your support so far with regards to our new online learning platform Seesaw. In the event of your child/children needing to self isolate, their learning will need to continue at home. It is widely known that children with COVID-19 are often asymptomatic or show very little symptoms. As a result, if your child was to have to self-isolate because a positive test was reported in your child’s bubble or the school we ordered to close, they will be required and are expected to complete work at home (if they are well). Every week work is uploaded from Monday at 8am for the week ahead and is easily accessible for your child/children to complete at home.


The staff are working hard to ensure the work online matches the work in class so your child/children do not need to miss out on essential learning in all subjects and are able to catch up on the school time missed last term.


Below is set of instructions on how you and your child can access this work set by their teacher on Seesaw. This will also be sent home via Parent Mail. Children have had access to the platform since the start of term so should be confident in logging in. Their login details will be in their reading record. Please have a good look and if it is not you need to contact your child’s class teacher as soon as possible and they will send the password home. Work has been set to your child’s needs and they should be able to access it and complete it with minimal adult support (from Year 1 – Year 6).


When writing and number work is completed, please save the document back onto Seesaw for teachers to mark and feedback. Answers for maths skills, grammar hammer, spelling, dictation and reading comprehension activities will be uploaded for you to mark with your child during the week.


Work can be completed online, on paper/ in a notebook or printed off if you choose to. If you have printed the activity out on paper, simply photograph the finished piece of work and upload it onto Seesaw. Children have been doing this in class and should feel confident with this process. There are videos available on Seesaw to help with this. 


Work in all other subjects can be completed by pressing ctrl and clicking on the blue links on the home learning sheet. These links will mostly take you to an Oak National Academy lesson. Here children will complete the lesson, as they would in class, and mark work as they complete it, meaning no finished work will need to be uploaded onto Seesaw. Some links will take you to alternative websites or resources. 


Below are suggested timetables for home learning set for Nursery, Reception and KS1 – KS2. Please follow these timetables as they will match the titles of the work set on Seesaw. It is essential that the children complete all of the work expected when they are off school. If you are having technical difficulties and cannot access the internet or Seesaw please contact your child’s class teacher via the class email address.


It is essential that we work together to ensure the disruption of the children’s learning is kept to a minimum.

Laptops for home learning 

The Government are extending the scheme for laptops for school pupils. The Department for Education (DfE) is providing laptops and tablets to help children and families access remote education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Devices may be available for children.

Please make sure your have completed the short questionnaire at the end of the Seesaw letter to let us know if you are eligible for the loan of a laptop from the school during a local, school or bubble closure to access home learning. 


Timetables for home learning 

Guidance on accessing Seesaw

Support with home learning

In the event of a local lock down, bubble or school closure, if you have any questions regarding the home learning pack, please contact your child's class teacher via e-mail. The email address will start with the name of your child's class followed by @kingshedges.cambs.sch.uk. Please direct any other enquiries to the school office - office@kingshedges.cambs.sch.uk




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Key Home Learning Resources 

Key Maths Resources

Use your TT Rockstars log-in to access both TT Rockstars and Numbots!

Numbots - click here 

TT Rockstars - click here

Use your MyMaths login to access a range of activities set by your teacher.

MyMaths - click here

Reading resources - click here

Explaining COVID19 to Children 

This short story may help to explain the current COVID 19 situation to children. Click here

Here you will find a book to support and reassure children under 7. It is available in different languages . Click here

Here is a link to a pdf time capsule work book for pupils to record their thoughts and feelings about the COVID situation. Click here 

A free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Cheffler. Click here


Further Resources 

The Department for Education have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home.

These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages. Click here.

Although our historic churches are currently closed you can still enjoy them and learn something new here.

Cambridge United have produced some education activity packs. Click here

* Although we check the links, King's Hedges is not responsible for content beyond our own website. Please check links before using them with children.