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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Our Work


Spring 2

Pet Parade

We covered this topic for two weeks; some of us brought in our pets or showed photographs of our pets. We held a pet show where we looked at and answered questions about our pets.

One of our adult led activities was making a paper plate pet using different craft materials such as paint, crayons, googly eyes, feathers and sequins.

Another activity was to move like an animal; we went outside and balanced like a cat along the balance beam, leapt and ran like a dog and slithered like a snake.

Staying healthy

This week our topic book was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ we discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and attempted to make a healthy lunchbox using pictures of different foods.

We had a gym in the classroom where we could exercise to keep fit and healthy, we bounced on the trampoline, jumped over the hurdles, hula hooped and balanced on the balance boards!

For our cooking activity we made healthy topped pizzas; we used the safety knives to cut some of the ingredients and could choose our own toppings from tuna, peppers, ham, sweetcorn and cheese.

We bathed and dressed the babies and even had a visit from a dentist who talked to us about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Spring 1

Winter Wonders

Our topic book for this theme was ‘Stickman’ we enjoyed listening to this story and is one of our favourites!

One of our activities was to make our very own stickman, we collected sticks from the forest and put googly eyes and a scarf on him.

We then used him to role-play and repeated some of the familiar phrases from the story such as “I’m Stickmn, I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman that’s me!” and “I want to go home to my family tree”

Another activity was looking at and feeling the ice, we helped to put some water in the freezer one day and the next day it was frozen! It had changed from a liquid to a solid! It was really hard and cold.

Making Music

This was a very loud and noisy week!

We enjoyed exploring all of the various musical instruments – our favourite instruments were the large cymbal and the xylophone!

We learnt that different instruments make different sounds and are played in different ways; such as hitting, tapping, blowing or banging. We can play some instruments loudly or quietly and fast or slow.

We enjoyed making a shaker, we filled a pot with different materials of our choice, for example, dried rice, lentils, beads and stones and sealed a lid on top – some of our shakers sounded different to our friends ones.

Where We Live

We really enjoyed this topic and covered it for two weeks – we went out of the school grounds and looked at the houses near the school, we took a visual list of things we needed to find such as bricks, a window, a door, a roof, a chimney and some guttering. We eventually found every item on our list!

Our theme book was ‘The Three Little Pigs’ we learnt about the different materials the pigs used to build their houses, and had a go buliding with them ourselves – we soon realised straw and sticks was not a good option as they easily fell down.

We also enjoyed role playing using the ‘little pig’ and ‘big bad wolf’ headbands – we tried to blow the brick houses down but couldn’t, it was too strong as there is cement holding the bricks together!

Ways to say “I Love You”

This week we talked about the people that we love; we all have a family and friends that we love.

There are many different ways to show and tell someone that we love them.

Hearts are a symbol and sign that show we love somebody; we created beautiful pictures using wax crayons and watercolours and gave them to someone special.

This week we baked chocolate coated cake pops and chocolate hearts.

We also made a friendship bracelet using a pipe cleaner and beads, we then found a friend to give it too!

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