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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.


Mini beasts part 1

The classroom has been crawling with mini beasts this week! The class have really enjoyed this topic and have had lots of fun investigating insects inside and outside of the classroom. There has been messy mud fun in the exploration area as the children have been digging and searching for bugs!  They have all liked playing in the mini beast tunnel, spotting the lady birds and using the torches to find other hidden insects.  There has been lots of technology play this week as one of our activities was to search for real mini beasts in the play ground and use the I pads to take pictures! Everyone loved using the I pads and we took some great pictures! Back in the classroom we continued to look for insects in the imagination area, using magnifying glasses and nets to catch some.  The class have made some great art work this week, we painted butterflies, made play dough bugs, printed some honeycomb pictures and made some sticky bee collages.  The group have really liked exploring the outside play area, especially the ‘Incy, wincy spider’ water play area!

The garden

This week we brought the outside inside as we have been learning all about the garden! We have talked about our own gardens or how some of us like to play in the local parks and playgrounds.  We had a very busy garden centre this week with lots of tools to buy and flowers to water, the group have especially liked pushing the wheelbarrows around the room and ‘cutting the grass’ with the lawnmower!  Another favourite this week was the fairy garden, there has been lots of lovely imaginative play as the fairies have been flying around the different houses, sliding on the slides and swinging on the tree house. The children have been making some beautiful creative work this week as they have explored flowers and leaves, we have been painting with flowers and making sticking pictures with the petals too.  Our activities this week were to gather different materials from the playground and make some garden pictures, we found leaves, daisies and long grass to make our collages.  The class also tried hard in our salt dough activity, making flowers and leaf shapes with dough and decorating them with shiny sequins!  We created a garden sensory tray in the exploration area, with flowers, stones and sand as well as lots of different characters for the children to play with- they all enjoyed hiding people in the sand and making them take turns on the play equipment.

Growing food

This week Me 2 club have been learning all about the foods that we can grow, we have looked at lots of different fruits and vegetables and have learnt lots of new makaton signs. This week our imagination area has been a busy fruit and vegetable shop, the group have loved looking at their shopping lists and filling their baskets with lots of lovely fruits and vegetables!  Our exploration area was a muddy allotment with lots of carrots and potatoes to dig up from the soil.  We liked getting messy pouring in water to help them grow!  One of our activities this week was to grow our own food! We decorated and filled flower pots and planted some seeds ready to grow into tomato plants, we will take them home and watch them grow bigger- we hope you get lots of lovely juicy tomatoes from them!  There has been a lot of lovely creative work happening, the children have been painting with fruit painted with vegetables, made flower pot collages and made some yummy play dough fruits!  Some of the class have had lots of fun building tracks for the fruit trains this week, there has been some lovely sharing and turn taking.  For this week’s cooking session we made some delicious fruit salad! The children were very careful with their safety knives and chopped up lots of different types of fruit and we mixed them all together! We hope you enjoyed eating your fruit salads at home!

Being healthy

This week we have been learning how to look after our bodies and keep them healthy! We have been talking about different kinds of food that give us energy and make us strong, the children have made some lovely pictures of healthy foods using different techniques.  They have loved making healthy play dough foods for our dinner plates too!  They all thought it was lots of fun to feed the puppet in the exploration area, we found lots of different fruits hidden in the shredded paper and gave them to Grandma!  We have also talked about keeping our bodies clean and healthy, focusing on cleaning our teeth, we have been practicing on the giant teeth in the funky fingers area.  We continued to role play doctors in the imagination area and lots of the class have loved taking care of their friends and the poorly babies.  We made a physical play area inside for the group to try lots of different exercises to keep their bodies healthy, they really liked climbing, crawling and jumping over the soft play!

My body

We welcomed the children back to start the Summer term and have been learning all about our bodies! We have been role playing doctors this week, taking care of some very poorly dolls – the class have given them lots of medicine and bandaged their arms and legs! Lots of the group have loved playing in the exploration area and washing the babies – we have used sponges to clean them and toothbrushes to brush their teeth!  Some of the class have liked trying on different clothes and are showing lots of independence in taking clothes on and off. The small world play hospital has been very popular this week, especially the noisy ambulances!  There have been lots of creative opportunities this week as we have painted faces, made collage head shapes, decorating body shapes and modelling with play dough.  One of our activities this week was to draw around our friends and colour their body parts –we all thought this was lots of fun!  For our cooking activity this week we made funny face pizzas – they looked delicious and we took them home to enjoy! We ended the week with our music and PE session where we have had fun dancing and singing along to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’!


As we welcomed all of the new children in to Me 2 Club for the new term, there has been lots of snowy fun for all of the children. Our exploration area had some icy water with some funny balancing penguins to build towers with the group enjoyed feeling the frosty water in their fingers.  We loved making hot chocolate and toast in the imagination area, there was lots of lovely taking too.  There were lots of different areas to explore with small world toys, throwing snowballs and making snowmen and a sensory space to find sparkly polar bears and fluffy penguins.  There were lots of different creative activities to try this week as we painted, coloured, modelled with play dough, practiced using scissors and had sticking fun too.  There was more sensory play as we had a snow tray with hidden woodland animals.  One of our activities this week was to talk about the clothes we need to wear in the Winter and tried putting on our own hats, scarves and gloves, it was very tricky but the groups showed great independence. We had our first cooking session and made white chocolate crispy snowballs, we hope they tasted as yummy as they looked!


It’s been a very noisy week in Me 2 Club this week as the class have been experimenting with lots of different musical instruments from our music den. There has been lots of dancing too as we have been listening to lots of different types of music and practicing our moves! We have even been learning lots of number rhymes and cooked 5 currant buns during our cooking session.  One of our favourite activities this week was making our own maracas, we painted yoghurt pots and filled them with pasta before adding a lid and giving them a good shake!  There was more noisy pasta play in our exploration area as the children used scoops to fill pots to shake too!  We made some beautiful musical instruments in the creative area, we painted maracas and made colourful sticky xylophones.  One of the groups favourite challenges was the play dough disco in the funky fingers area, they pressed a button to turn on the music and then squishing and rolling the play dough in our fingers!


What a colourful week we have had in Me 2 Club! We have been learning all about the different colours around us and exploring colours in lots of creative activities. The children have all enjoyed learning our rainbow song and this has given us all the opportunity to practice some Makaton skills as we have been focusing on signing our colours throughout the song.  This week our exploration area was a multi coloured water tray, we investigated what happens when we mixed the different coloured water together- we made lots of lovely new colours!  We had colour dens and colour sorting activities in the construction area and the children have built lots of confidence in sorting and organising colours through lots of mini activities this week.   Our creative area had lots of colourful challenges too as we made sticky Elmer elephants, tried finger painting and explored primary colour play dough.  Our imagination area became an art studio with easels and lots of paper on the walls for the children to experiment with different art materials like paints, chalks and pastels. One of the favourite toys this week was the chameleon hiding in the funky fingers area, he helped the children to match different colours around the room. In our cooking session this week we made delicious rainbow cakes, the class were very good at mixing the different food colours into the batter to make beautiful colourful cakes!


This week we have been learning all about the weather and we have been very lucky to have some special snowy days! We have stayed lovely and warm in the classroom as we have explored the rain in our water play area, using tools to make lots of rain on the toy people.  Our imagination area was a clothes shop where the children could choose to dress in summer or winter clothes, we loved trying on wellington boots and dancing with umbrellas!  There was lots of building fun in the construction areas as we used the rainbow blocks to build very tall towers!  We have been making some beautiful art work using lots of different materials, fluffy cotton clouds, bright yellow suns, marbled rain drops and sparkling snow balls!  The class have loved being able to play out in the snow this week, we have used spray paint bottles to make coloured snow and used different mark making tools to make pictures in the frost!  We made some tasty rainbow cupcakes with white icing clouds too.

The Things We Love

There were hundreds of hearts in this classroom this week as we celebrated all of the things that we love. We talked about our families and have been practicing the ‘family fingers’ song everyday!  Lots of the children have liked having the small world dolls houses to explore and we have heard some fantastic imaginative talk in their play.  Our exploration area was filled with hidden hearts and lots of pictures of our friends, it was great fun finding them and showing everyone!  The home corner was very busy as the children role played cooking and watching the television, some of them especially liked caring for the babies. There was lots of painting and sticking activities in the creative area and the class have made some beautiful hearts for our display.  One of our activities this week was to make cards for the people we love and we will be sending them home next week in time for Valentines day! For our cooking session this week the children made some heart biscuits, they enjoyed decorating them with pink icing and sprinkles too!


There have been feathers and fur all over the classroom this week as we have been learning all about pets! The children have been fishing for turtles and frogs in the exploration area and sorting them from the fish.  The role play area was a busy pet shop with lots of animals, pet food and toys to buy –we heard lots of lovely imaginative talk this week too.  Our creative area had lots of different activities using lots of mediums, we made pet mice with play dough, painted some lovely dogs and cats, made sticky feather parrots and furry rabbits.  The construction area was a great place to hide this week, the children have loved playing inside the dog tent.  Our adult lead activities were to make kennels for our dogs using the blocks, the group worked really hard and made some great homes for their pets.  We also rolled out some salt dough snakes and added some googly eyes and sparkly sequins.  There was even more pet play outside as the play ground had lots of different areas to explore.  We really liked walking the dogs around the forest area and using the paper bags to pick up their poop!