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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Me 2 Club - Autumn/Winter


We love books

To coincide with world book day our theme this week has been ‘We love books!’ Our role play has transformed into a Library and we have had a lovely time getting cosy with a blanket and reading buddy to read stories.

Our activities this week have been creating our own books, decorating book marks and reading Goldilocks and the three bears story sack! We have also been very lucky to have some of the big children from year 3 and year 6 come and read stories to us.

We celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday by tasting pancakes! The children decided whether they would like lemon juice, sugar or both on top of their pancake and everybody tasted it! On World book day it was fantastic to see all of the parents/ carers come into the classroom to share a book with their child.

On Friday we came to Nursery in our pyjamas, and shared our favourite bedtime stories with the class.


We have had a lovely week, and have been very lucky to meet a wide variety of animals. We have met dogs, (some big and some small!) budgies, snakes, rabbits, millipedes, lizards, scorpions, hissing cockroaches and a tortoise!  We were very brave touching and holding all of the animals. It was especially fascinating to see the scorpion change colour under the torch!

Our activities this week have included creating our own ‘rock pets’, decorating paw print cupcakes and reading ‘Dear Zoo’ to discuss which animals would make a good pet!

The role play area has been a vets, and we have all been busy caring for lots of poorly animals. We have taken x-rays, listened for heart beats with a stethoscope, given animals baths and bandaged up poorly paws!

Art & Artists 1

This week our topic has been Art and artists. Our role play area transformed into an art corner! We have paper on the walls and various resources available for the children to explore what colours and marks they can make! For the first week of this topic we have focused on the primary colours. The children used the primary colours to explore colour mixing in the tuff tray, on the walls and all together as a group!

We all enjoyed our ‘Art walk’ around the school, seeing what art we could find and discussing which ones we preferred. The most popular artwork was the art of dinosaurs, although some of us also liked the abstract art of fruit.

For our activities this week we have been using different colour fruits to create ‘Rainbow fruit skewers’. We even tried some new fruits as we were making them! We also drew rainbows on the floor outside, and used circles and squares to create our own Kandinsky inspired artwork!

This week we have also been practicing our Makaton signs for colours while singing the rainbow song and looking at the different colour patches on Elmer while reading our book of the week!

Art & Artists 2

This week we have continued our topic of Art & Artists. We have continued to explore our art area and used all of our learning from last week to mix colours on the paper on the wall. There has also been lots of circles around the classroom after looking at the Kandinsky art. This week we have compared the artwork of Kandinsky with the artwork of Mondrian. In contrast to Kandinsky’s circles, Mondrian uses rectangles and squares in his artwork, and we have explored creating our own artwork with the different shapes.

We have particularly enjoyed getting messy this week. Our tuff tray was filled with shaving foam and paint! Some of us thought that the shaving foam felt ‘soft’. One of our activities was creating art by pressing down paper in the shaving foam and seeing what colours were printed on the other side. We also made rainbow cakes by mixing together blue icing and then adding a 3D rainbow sweet on top. Our other activity has been weaving material in the forest. The trees are now colourfully decorated with various materials!

The highlight of this week has definitely been the snow. We have made snow angels, had snowball fights and also changed the colour of the snow using spray bottles with paint!! 


This week our topic has been music! Our role play area transformed into a stage, with instruments and microphones ready for our star performers! The children loved blowing into the saxophones, strumming the electric guitar and making lots of loud sounds on the drums1

We were scientists in our exploration area, it was very interesting to see what happened if we added water to the rice crispies in the tray. If you listened very carefully you could hear them go pop! We also discovered that the rice crispies were a great resource to use for making our own shaker instruments. (As long as we remembered to put on a lid before we shook them!)

During our activities we tasted popping candy. Some of us thought that the popping sound and feeling was very funny, but some of us were not so sure! We also built walls for humpty dumpty, and then sang the song as we knocked him off!

Our book of the week was ‘Walking through the Jungle’. We used various instruments to make loud or quiet sounds like the animals in the story, and sang the walking in the jungle song as we explored the forest outside! It was great fun dancing along to the CD player outside, and using the junk modelling to make instruments in the stones.

Ways to say I love you

This week our theme has been ‘Ways to say I love you’. Our role play area has been decorated with all things ‘love’; lots of hearts and pictures of family members.

For our activities we have made heart shaped rice crispy cakes, wax crayon ‘magic’ pictures and friendship bracelets to give to somebody we love. We have taken the opportunity this week to speak lots about how to be kind to our friends and our families. We also have been talking about our feelings and why we feel happy/sad. Lots of the children have said that they feel happy because their parents/ sibling makes them feel happy.

On Valentine’s Day love was in the air! We were lucky enough to watch the aeroplanes leave heart shaped trails behind. They even made a smiley face, which we are sure was especially for us!



We have had lots of fun during our first week in So 2 Speak! It has been lovely getting to know our new friends and teachers. For our first week our topic was Winter.

The children have been warming up in front of the ‘fire’ in our role play area with a hot water bottle, searching for artic animals in our shredded paper tray, creating winter tree scenes and looking at shapes while drawing snowmen on the interactive whiteboard!

One of the favourite activities of the week has been making ‘hot chocolate’ using chocolate- scented play dough and pink and white pom-poms for marshmallows!

The children also explored ice. The challenge was to free the penguin from the ice, eventually the children discovered that they could free him by banging at the ice with the mirrored discs!

For our PE session this week we waddled like a penguin during the ‘Penguin Bop’. During the dance we had to pretend to jump for fish and swim like a penguin. We then continued to waddle like penguins outside! The favourite song of the week has been ‘I’m a little snowman!’

Senses 2

There was even more messy fun as we returned from half term for more sensory play. The children enjoyed exploring the tunnels and sensory den using the torches as well as lots of gloopy fun with cornflour paste.  We played in the different colour and scented water and found lots of exciting ways to move the water and mix the colours together.  Our activity this week was to make shaky pots, filling empty water bottles with pasta and painting them to make our very own noisy maracas! There was more music play during PE as we tried a play dough disco – the children squished and rolled the dough in their fingers as we listened and danced to the music! 


We were back to school for another week of senses this week, the children started the week by making some beautiful sensory bottles using glitter and sequins and choosing different colours for their water. It was tricky to fill the bottles but the whole group worked very hard and it was lots of fun to shake the bottles when they were sealed and watch all of the sparkles dancing in the bottle!  On Wednesday we had a monster messy day and invited the parents and adults to join in the mess, we hope everyone enjoyed the session as much as the children!  Then we enjoyed one of our favourite stories ‘Room on the broom’, we used masks to share the story and then went out in to the forest to find all of the characters hiding in the trees.  Thursday was our cooking session and we made super sour lemon cakes with lemon sherbet on top- they made the classroom smell lovely and we saw lots of the class enjoying their cakes on their way home.  We ended the week with our PE and music sessions, we had an exciting play dough disco and used different skills to squash and roll the dough along to the music.


Apples, apples everywhere! This week we had a fruit shop in the classroom so the children could all buy their favourite fruits! They had lots of fun filling their baskets and learning the names of all of the different fruits in the shop.  We had an apple tasting activity where we tried lots of different types of apples, dried apple, apple puree and apple juice – but I think our favourite were the juicy green apples!  The children loved using the apples in our creative play and made beautiful prints using green and red paints.  They all loved the red, apple scented play dough and used lots of different skills to roll and chop the dough to make apple shapes.  For our cooking activity this week we made delicious apple muffins, the smell in the classroom was fantastic and we’re sure they tasted just as good!

We have had a very fruitful week in Me 2 Club! There were apples everywhere! We had a very busy fruit and vegetable shop in the classroom this week, all of the children have enjoyed finding fruits, filling their shopping baskets and using the till. We extended our role play to the outside area where the children shopped for more fruits and vegetables and played with the older nursery children. Back in the classroom lots of the children have had a lot of fun building the train track, they worked together and shared nicely. Our exploration area had lots of real apples for the children to wash in the water, we also talked about the animals that eat apples and we pretended to feed them too.  Our creative area was very busy with lots of apple crafts, we have painted, collaged and modelled apples this week.  One of our activities was to make prints with the apples, we used green and red paints and made lovely pictures.  This week’s cooking activity was apple muffins, there was lots of mixing to be done and all of the class were very good at chopping up the apples, we hope they tasted as yummy as they looked!


What a leafy classroom we had during Autumn week! After collecting bags full of autumn leaves from the school grounds we tipped them all into the imagination area to make our own indoor forest! There were lots of hidden forest creatures to find and even a great big Gruffalo! We continued our hunt for forest animals in the exploration area as we used our hands to dig in the soil and leaves for squirrels, badgers and mice.  There were lots of creative activities like Autumn colours leaf painting, forest animal collages using soft felt and fluffy feathers and we even tried using pine cones and conkers to paint with – we didn’t mind that our hands got a a little bit messy because we are all very good at washing our hands! It is getting colder in the playground but that doesn’t stop us enjoying outside play, we have loved scooping up the leaves and watching them fall and we also enjoyed drawing on the leaves in the making area outside.

All the leaves were falling down this week in Me 2 Club, they were everywhere!!! All of the children have enjoyed exploring the imagination area as we filled it with Autumn leaves to jump in and throw! We also had lots of hidden forest animals to find and even the Gruffalo and his friends were hiding in there too! We had lots of fun finding them and ticking them on our sheets. We had lots of creative activities to try this week as the class made some leafy hedgehogs as part of an adult lead activity – we used our mark making skills to draw on the eyes, then gloopy glue to stick on lots of crunchy leaves to make the prickles.  Lots of the children liked using the pine cones as paint brushes and made some beautiful paintings for our display.  We also made some lovely colourful leaves using Autumn colours with paint and collage materials.  Our exploration area had some woodland creatures hiding in the leaves and soil, we made sure we wore our aprons to look for them and tried matching them to the word mats.  We made some pictures of our favourites, the squirrels and badgers too.  We ended the week with our cooking session where we made some awesome Autumn leaf biscuits, some were orange flavoured and others were yummy chocolate!

Room On The Broom Day!

We celebrated a spooky fun day by reading our favourite Witchy story and having lots of fun activities like pumpkin painting and spider hunting in the foam! The children even mixed some magic sparkling potions in the water play area. Their favourite part of the session was the Room on the Broom treasure hunt in the forest, we found all of the characters and props from our favourite story hiding in our very own forest!


Dr. Suess

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish- we have been learning lots of numbers and colours this week as we have been learning all about Dr Seuss and the wonderful books he has written! We transformed our imagination area into a beautiful Dr Seuss library, with lots of books, posters and characters from the books, all of the class have loved enjoying stories in there during our play this week.  We have talked about the ‘Cat in the hat’ a lot this week, looking at where he might be in the doll’s house and what tricks he is planning! There have even been a few cheeky ‘Cats in hats’ in the classroom! We have been working on our counting and sorting skills in the water area as we have caught the colourful fish in the nets and counted them out together during our activities. Our maths table has had some tricky challenges with number jigsaw puzzles and the very silly ‘Thing 1 and Thing 2’ helping the children to form their numbers during mark making practice. We have been preparing lots of art work for our special display this week, we have painted lots of beautiful fish of all different sizes, we all hope you like our new display.  This week’s cooking session was tasty red and blue fish biscuits- we got very messy making them but they were delicious!


This week we had a room of little bakers, all dressed in aprons making yummy bread and cakes for us! The children loved pretending to bake in our bakery and made all sorts of delicious treats to share, they even tried modelling the play dough into fairy cakes with cherries on top!  We all thought it was very funny to paint the slices of bread lots of bright colours but we knew we couldn’t eat it after making it so pretty.  The children tried hard to use the cutters and plastic knives to chop and shape the bread and even squashed the slices using rolling pins.  The exploration area got a little messy as we mixed flour, water and oats into a gloopy paste, but thought it was lots of fun to fill the cake cases with the mixture using our big wooden spoons.

There was a lovely smell of baking in the classroom this week as we were learning all about bread. The children have loved role playing in our very own bakery, selling cakes and biscuits as well as weighing out the ingredients and mixing them before carefully putting them into the oven!  Our exploration area had some very sticky dough for mixing and scooping, the class have loved getting messy and practicing their stirring. We have had lots of small world toys to imagine with during this theme, lots of the class have really enjoyed the gingerbread house, they have moved the characters around the rooms and making them talk to each other.  Our funky fingers area has given everyone the chance to improve their dough rolling skills and it became very messy fun!  Our creative area also had lots of messy activities to enjoy, the children have liked painting and cutting slices of bread and using special dough paint that we had to cook!  There was only one thing we could cook this week and the children loved mixing, rolling, kneading and shaping their bread rolls, they smelt delicious and we hope they tasted just as good!


Beep beep! Here come Me 2 Club! There has been lots of traffic in the classroom this week with our careful drivers using the steering wheels to make their way around the classroom and stop at the bus station!  We all loved singing wheels on the bus and playing with all of the small world vehicles like the boats, trains, rockets and all of Bob the builder’s digger friends in the sand tray!  There was some speedy mark making using the wheels of cars for paint printing and car marker pens to make some lovely pictures. We had lots of fun with transport outside too, using the trucks to move lots of vegetables all around the playground.

Beep Beep!! Here come Me 2 Club! This week we have been learning lots about different types of transport. We have looked at vehicles with wheels, things that fly and things that float! Our exploration area had lots of construction vehicles which were ready dig and tip the sand with some help from Bob the builder!  The class also explored lots of small world toys like aeroplanes, boats and big red buses!  We turned our imagination areas into a very busy train station, the class have loved buying tickets and looking at the maps to see where the train will take them!  We had an enormous garage to play with and lots of colourful cars!  Our maths area gave the children the opportunity to sort colours and sizes with the transport figures.  Our creative areas were also so very busy as the group painted boats, made wheel tracks with the cars and had sticky fun making aeroplanes! Our group activity was to make special buses with moving parts; we all thought it was great to make the wheels go around and around! This was also the focus of our singing this week as we have been practicing the words and actions for ‘Wheels on the bus!’  During our music session we worked in pairs to row the boats together and as a very special treat we were able to explore the I pads to play some fantastic transport games!


Week 1: This week we introduced the children to our Elf Eddie and they have had lots of fun spotting him in different places around the classroom all week- they know he is here to help Father Christmas with his naughty and nice list!  In our elf work ship our busy little elves have been wrapping presents and sometimes even wrapping their friends in colourful wrapping and riding on the reindeer has all of the children laugh!  We have some beautifully decorated trees in the classroom, the children worked hard hanging the baubles and tinsel, telling us all of the different colours they were using.  We made snowy Christmas cards and glittery baubles this week in our group activities but I think the reindeer play dough has been the favourite craft of the theme – using googly eyes, sparkly noses and twigs from the playground to make our festive playdough into funny reindeer faces.  The exploration area had lots of hidden Christmas character for the children to find in the snow, and they loved the shape sorting on the maths table too.  We ended the week with our cooking session and made delicious Rudolph the reindeer cupcakes!

Week 2: We are all getting ready for Christmas in Me2 2 Club this week, the children have had loads of glittery fun decorating baubles and making sparkling Christmas trees! In our exploration area the children helped the reindeer to find the carrots hidden in the sand and there was lots of imaginative play with the small world dolls house.  The children were very busy mark making in lots of Christmas cards and role playing in our festive home corner.  There were lots of exciting activities this week when we went to watch the nursery children singing their Christmas songs in the big hall and at the end of the week we invited all of the Mummies and Daddies to come and play and join in with our Christmas crafts – What a lot of fun we had!

Christmas has come early to Me 2 Club! The children have had lots of fun pretending to be Santa’s little helpers and wrapping all of the presents in the work shop!   We have all helped to decorate the Christmas tree with lots of beautiful baubles and tinsel, we worked together to make the tree look pretty.  Our exploration had lots of Christmas characters hiding in the snow, lots of the children have enjoyed playing with the small world characters and shown lots of imaginative play being Father Christmas.  We have had lots of messy and creative fun this week as we have been decorating baubles, painting stockings and making some amazing Christmas cards to take home for our families.  We had different play dough activities this week, we made reindeers with red noses and googly eyes and some festive green Christmas trees too!  Lots of the children have been practicing their mark making skills by writing special Christmas cards to take home too.  We have watched nursery practicing their performance and we thought their singing was fantastic!