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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Year 4 Music Work

Year 3 and 4 Choir

Thank you to Y3 and 4 choir who have been a delight to work with in the Spring Term. We chose bright and cheerful songs to help with the grey and cold weather.  They sang two songs for us in assembly: Sunshine in My Heart and Sing It!

Year 4 pupils started learning the ocarina in September and have learnt the full range of notes now and are really starting to make a beautiful tone and controlled sound. In preparing for this performance, we talked a lot about making the ocarina sound like it is singing and to play with the musical phrasing in mind.  The sound was lovely and in two pieces a group of children played harmony parts.

Jingle Bells

In The Bleak Mid Winter

Good King Wenceslas

In Year 4, we started our musical learning this year with a focus on listening and appraising. We worked with two pieces of music in particular: In The Hall of the Mountain King and Russian Dance (Trepak) from The Nutcracker. We then used this second piece as an inspiration for some short performances.

Laying the foundations for performance:

  1. We watched professional orchestras performing both these pieces on a DVD which brought the music to life and modelled excellence in performance.
  2. We responded to the music and shared our opinions about it, helping us to get a feel for how a composer selects and plays around with the interrelated dimensions of music, creating a whole range of interesting effects.
  3. We watched some professional dancers performing ‘Cossack’ dancing to Trepak and were astounded by their agility and how they brought the music to life.
  4. In small groups, we then created our own movements to fit with the main theme from Trepak and performed them to the class.
  5. As a class we provided constructive feedback on the quality of the performances to help us hone our performing skills.

Year 4 Music Performance to Families and Friends

Year 4 gave a wonderful performance to their families, friends and teachers in the Big Hall and did themselves proud! It was one of the best audiences we’ve ever had at KHEF so thank you for showing up and supporting the children.

The Year 4 pupils played their ocarinas, including playing some challenging harmony parts and some of their own compositions. They then sang two songs as a year group with many solo and small group parts.

In addition to this, a selection of children read out their performance poems which they had written in class, which were thoroughly enjoyed.

New World Symphony