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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.



Music is a creative and social subject. It is a means of communicating ideas and emotions and it can be used to enrich and reinforce learning in many other areas of the curriculum. It is also an international language.



    • To further the children’s creative, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.
    • To provide an enjoyable experience for all children regardless of ability or culture, so that they feel confident and positive about any contribution they make.
    • To encourage a love for music so that it will remain a source of pleasure throughout life.
    • To give children the opportunity to explore the key components of music.



From Nursery through to Year 2, music is taught by the class teacher, who organises their music sessions to work alongside their topic and other foundation subjects. 

In Key Stage 2, each class is taught by Mrs Addison, a part-time, specialist music teacher.  In both Key Stage 1 and 2, playing instruments and singing form the heart of the music curriculum.  Through these elements, the children can experience and understand many of the other aspects of music.  We try to provide good quality performance opportunities and these include our Christmas singing, our classroom celebrations and ‘The Clash of the Classes’.

Music during COVID 19

KH Chill Club 1

It has been a pleasure to teach the KH Chill club some music on Wednesday afternoons this term. We have enjoyed playing the chime bars again. (It’s been a couple of years since some pupils last played!)  Here are a couple of pieces we recorded for you to listen to:

  1. Gonna Fly Now
  2. A short piece with improvised interludes by three of the pupils.

Gonna Fly Now

Improvisation piece

Musical Life at KHEF

In addition to all our music making in lesson time, we have other musical opportunities in our school.

  • We have a large KS2 choir which meet on a Thursday morning and take part in local opportunities to sing throughout the year.
  • We also have a Y5 and 6 recorder club who meet on a Monday after school.
  • On Monday mornings, we have a whole school music assembly where we all enjoy singing together. We also quite frequently have some of our pupils performing on their instruments that they learn outside of school to entertain and inspire us.


We have a weekly singing assembly where we enjoy singing a range of songs together as a whole school. We often spend time working on a particular piece to perform at a special celebration or assembly. Last term, we learnt a song called Let Love Shine Through, which is a song which was sung by schools across the country to celebrate National Sing-Up Day.

We also from time to time invite children to perform on their instruments or our school choir sings for us. Here you can hear our KS2 choir singing a tricky three part song called Building. We really enjoyed learning this song, although it was quite a challenge.

Ping Pong

Catch a Falling Star

Monet's Garden

Let Love Shine Through


Year Planner

 Year Group

Autumn 1st

Autumn 2nd

Spring 1st

Spring 2nd


Summer 1st


Summer 2nd


Large group instrumental: Playing Claves and then Boomwhackers


Topic: Duration

Topic: Dynamics

Preparation for: Polished singing performance

Topic: Tempo


Large group instrumental: Playing Chime Bars

Topic: Pitch

Topic: Timbre

Preparation for: Polished singing performance

Topic: Texture


Large group instrumental: Playing Chime Bars   (Advanced)

Listening and Evaluating: Focus on Duration

Christmas Carols

Oscar Goes Sporty Rhythms and

Stave Notation: Rhythm

Composition: Chime bars and the pentatonic scale

Preparation and performance of Classroom Celebrations

Listening and Composing: Focus on Pitch


Large group instrumental: Playing Ocarinas

Listening and Evaluating: Focus on Orchestra and Dynamics

Christmas Carols

Stave Notation: Pitch

Composition: Variations on a theme using Ocarinas

Preparation and performance of Classroom Celebrations

Listening and Composing: Focus on Tempo


Large group instrumental: Playing Ukuleles

Listening and Evaluating: Focus on Texture


Christmas Carols

Stave Notation: Rhythm and Pitch

Composition: Ukuleles and song writing

Preparation and performance of Classroom Celebrations

Listening and Composing: Interrelated Dimensions of Music


Large group instrumental: Stomp!


Listening and Evaluating: Focus on Structure

Christmas Carols

STOMP – composing and choreographing group pieces

STOMP – creating structure, rehearsing and perfecting group pieces

Preparation for: Polished singing performance and Classroom Celebrations/Production


Children in Key Stage 2 will learn how to read and write stave notation so that they can play and sing music written by other people and can record their own music on paper.  The list below shows the order in which the elements of stave notation are taught:

 How to Help Your Child at Home


Tuning a Ukulele

    1. Start with the string at the top and pluck each string in turn, working down towards the floor. They should sound like My dog has fleas!
    2. If not, start with the top string and pluck. This is note G.
    3. Match it to the sound on the tuner. Check you are turning the tuning peg which goes with the G string. If you make the string tighter it will get higher. If you make it looser, it will get lower.
    4. Always turn the tuning peg in very small twists. Listen and check again. Keep turning until the pitch matches.
    5. If you make a few turns and the pitch seems to be getting further away from the note, try turning the other way.
    6. Repeat these steps for the other strings.
    7. The strings start with G at the top, then C, then E and then A for the string nearest the floor.

    This is an example of an online ukulele tuner:


    If you would like to find some pieces to play, there are some good resources on the following website:


    Remember to use the internet with caution. Make sure an adult has checked you are using a safe site before trying it out.

Please click here to look at our music events page.