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King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

King's Hedges Educational Federation

Excellence, achieved through care, creativity and challenge.

Art Exhibitions at King's Hedges Educational Federation

"The Games that Children Play"

Key Stage 1 and Early Years produced some fantastic pieces of art work for this exhibition. The children were inspired by a variety of different games! Some children worked hard to create board games like Snakes and Ladders whilst others created Jigsaws.

Other exciting games they explored were playing with bubbles, parachute games, Duck Duck Goose and Stuck in the Mud. They even created our own Bowling Alley!

We were also inspired by artists like Monet and Van Gogh when the children were using their imagination just like in role play games.

Key Stage 2 had a very busy year creating a variety of different media for the Art Exhibition.

Various year groups were able to show off their artistic skills by creating 3D pieces of artwork. Many children were inspired by artists like Cornelia Parker and ‘The Exploded Shed’ exhibition, taking inspiration from board game pieces and scaling them up to be larger than life!

Other children were inspired by the work of Surrealist artist Joan Miro, drawing figures playing in the playground.

Some year groups used our cross-curricular topics as starting points. One year group discovered games which Anglo-Saxon children used to play and used their drawing and clay work skills in art lessons.

Some children learnt all about a game played by Ancient Egyptian children called ‘Scarab Beetle Drive’ creating beautiful beetles during the year.

Again, taking inspiration from traditional board games, some KS2 children carefully drew snakes and created life-size snakes and ladders using Papier Mache. They even created tiny snakes for a Snakes and Ladders board using clay as a medium.

Another traditional game which the children were inspired by was Conkers. After writing poems and drawing from real life conkers, the children created Papier Mache conkers.

On top of all the drawing, painting, model-making, some children even practised their sewing skills to create the amazing Ugly Dolls.

In the middle of our exhibition, a variety of colourful, carefully designed tree houses were displayed. The children worked hard to design and build these using various woodwork skills, drawing and painting skills. Many of the tree houses have curtains, furniture, swings and ladders to name but a few finer details.