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So 2 Speak - Our Work 


Welcome back So to Speak!

We have enjoyed our first week back and welcomed the new children who visited us with their parents.

We have been getting used to our classroom, the teachers, making friends with the other children in the class and exploring all of the resources we can use; it has been a very busy week!

We have been exploring our wonderful outdoor area and have especially enjoyed the forest!

Marvelous Me!

The children have settled in well and have enjoyed getting to know each other.

We have shared stories, played together and made new friends.

Some of our activities this week included using the iPads to take photos of our friends, making a face collage and painting self-portraits.


How do you Feel?

This week for our cooking activity we made lemon cupcakes with sprinkles.

We looked at emotion cards and used them to describe how we were feeling.

Another activity was singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ we had to think about emotions and how it felt to be happy, sad, and angry or scared.

Fun with Friends

We focused on the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

We played parachute games together and hide and seek!

We learnt that it's good to share toys and take turns, also, if a friend needs help its kind to help them if we can!


Fun with Families

This week we liked using the role play resources to play based on our own experiences such as cooking and bathing babies

We brought in some family photographs from home to look at and share with the class, we learnt that we all belong to and have different families.

Thank you to all parents/carers who took time to complete the ‘My Family’ booklets. 

Sensational Senses

We really liked this topic in So To Speak!

We enjoyed getting messy and even invited Dads and Grandads in to take part in a messy play session.

The geli baff was “cold and lumpy!”

The shaving foam was fun, we added paint to it which created lots of colours and we made marks in it.

We had a ‘senses den’ in the classroom – we could feel a variety of textures and look at different colours and lights.

It was fun making sensory bottles; we could choose a variety of resources to put into our bottle such as sequins, buttons, glitter, beads and food colouring with the water.

Another activity was using our sense of taste – we tasted marmite, apple and lemon – many of us didn’t like the lemon.

Autumn Antics

We returned to school on 30th October – we scooped out and painted our own pumpkin and were able to take it home with us ready for Halloween.

We talked about the changes that occur during the autumn, such as the leaves change colour, the weather gets windy and colder, the leaves fall off of the trees and squirrels and other animals collect nuts and food ready for the winter.

Also for this topic we went out and played in the autumn leaves – it was fun lying in the leaves and throwing them up over our heads.

As the weather gets colder it's nice to eat warm food so we made apple crumble and cream one week and warm jam roly-poly and custard another - we ate these for our snack, they were delicious!

To Market, To Market

This week we have been learning all about vegetables and where they grow.
We had a lady from Tesco come in with a variety of fruits and vegetables, we were able to feel, smell and taste the different foods.
We also had a role play green grocers shop with real vegetables. We made pictures by printing with vegetables, dug up potatoes from the soil and made vegetable soup for our snack!

Bread and Butter

We learnt about the different types of bread we can make and buy from the shops, we learnt that grains are milled into flour and the flour is used with yeast, oil, salt and water to make dough. Our topic book this week was ‘The little red hen’
We enjoyed a variety of activities - we made bread rolls, kneaded the dough and let it rise before we baked them in the oven. We created bread art using pipettes and food colouring on slices of white bread and also played in the role play bakery where we kneaded real dough and baked it in the bakery oven.

Gingerbread Man

Following on from our bread topic, this week our topic and theme book was ‘The Gingerbread man’ we made and decorated gingerbread men during our cooking activity and had lots of fun acting out the story in our role-play area. We also made our own gingerbread man using craft materials such as buttons, glue and felt tip pens. We all enjoyed listening to the book and were able to copy the repeated phrases in the story.

Here We Go!

This week we learnt all about vehicles, we learnt that vehicles are used on different surfaces, such as sail boats and ships float on the water, cars, bicycles, buses and vans drive on the road, trains on a train track and aeroplanes, hot air balloons and helicopters fly in the sky.
We went outside the school gate and counted the vehicles; we saw lots of cars and vans, a bus and even an aeroplane in the sky!
We rode the bikes and scooters around the playground making sure we stopped at the red light!
Another activity we liked was drawing a road on a roll of paper and driving the cars along it.

Boxes and Balls

During our first week of ‘Boxes and Balls’ we learnt the different names of the 3D shapes such as cuboid, cube and cylinder. We experimented rolling boxes and balls down ramps and discovered boxes do not roll as they have sides and corners!
We also looked at capacity – realising that the bigger the box, the more we can fit into it.
We cooked cake pop snowballs this week, baking round cake pops and coating them in white chocolate.

For our 2nd week of this topic, we have been wrapping boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and decorating baubles with glitter and sequins.
It has also been our Christmas week; we had a campfire with hot chocolate and marshmallows, a Christmas party and our parents came in to share lunch with us and listen to us sing our Christmas carols.