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Nursery 2016-17

Settling In


We have been settling into Nursery! We have been exploring in our playground and we have been getting to know each other, our teachers and our classroom. We have had lots of fun using the climbing frame outside and we have been playing together.

Fun with Friends


At Nursery we have been getting to know one another and we have been busy making friends. We have been helping each other and we have been playing together. During our ‘Fun with Friends’ week, we played lots of team games and worked with lots of different people. We have been learning how to share and take turns.

Marvellous Me


We looked at our bodies and talked about facial features and skeletons. We had fun dressing up as doctors and treating our teddy bear patients!

Fun with Families


We found out about families. We talked about the different people in our own families and discovered that all families are different! We enjoyed engaging in role play, pretending to act out family scenes. The children particularly enjoyed looking after the babies and cooking dinner for the family using play-doh! They also pretended to go on family picnics together!

Sensational Senses


As part of our work on senses, we used our sense of sight and our sense of touch to create stained glass windows. We enjoyed looking through the different coloured panes of cellophane!

We investigated our sense of taste, touch and smell by doing some cooking! We used oats, raisins, golden syrup and butter to make our own flapjacks! We followed the recipe carefully and all made sure that we washed our hands before we touched any of the food or cooking equipment.

To Market, To Market


We talked about where food comes from. We found out that some people grow their own food but that other people buy theirs at the shops or on the internet. We had a visit from the ‘Farm to Fork’ team at Tesco. They brought in lots of fruit and vegetables for us to try. We got to touch, smell and even taste the food!

We used different ingredients to make faces using the food that Tesco brought into Nursery! We had fun choosing eyes, noses, mouths etc! Once we had finished, we got to eat our creations!

We played in our own classroom shop! We set up a greengrocers and sold real fruit and vegetables! We enjoyed writing shopping lists and pretending to be customers and shopkeepers.

Autumn Antics


We found out about seasons! We discovered that in the autumn there are lots of changes in the environment. We looked at the leaves and saw that many of them had changed colour! We decided to look for signs of autumn in our playground so we went on an ‘autumn object hunt’. We found lots of different things including conkers, red leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves, acorns and pine cones!

Bread & Butter

We discovered how to make bread! We learned about the ingredients and made our own loaves of wholemeal bread. We enjoyed pretending to be bakers and we delivered bread rolls to our ‘customers’. We had a lot of fun getting covered in flour! We read ‘The Little Red Hen’ and then we acted out the story using props and costumes.

We went on a trip to the local bakery. We walked all the way there and back. When we arrived at the bakery we got to look at all of the different products that were for sale. We asked the baker questions about the ovens and the ingredients. We found out that they make the bread every morning before most people wake up! We used our pennies to buy some bread, cakes and gingerbread men (these were the items on our shopping list). We had a delicious picnic when we got back to Nursery!

The Gingerbread Man

We read the traditional tale of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Following on from this, we decided to make our own gingerbread men! We followed a recipe and mixed all of the ingredients together. We had to melt the butter and the sugar first, so that we could add them to the mixture. We found out about melting solid ingredients to turn them into liquid. We took turns to stir the mixture until it formed a ball of dough. After that we used rolling pins roll out the gingerbread. Then we used cutters to cut out gingerbread man shapes. Finally we cooked our gingerbread men in the oven. At the end of the day we got to take our creations home and eat them!

We had a great time acting out the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ using puppets. We pretended to be different characters and we loved chanting “run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”

During our choosing time (child-initiated play time), we also enjoyed using the play-doh and cutters independently. The children had to squash, squeeze and roll the dough to shape it into different characters.

Here We Go! (Transport Week)

We looked at different types of vehicles. We discovered that not all types of vehicle travel in the same way – some travel by land, others by water and some travel through the air. We loved playing with the boats and trains!

Mr T brought his car to school for us to look at! He showed us the engine and explained that this gives the car power and allows it to move. We were very careful and made sure that we didn’t touch the engine! Mr T then demonstrated how to change the oil. We enjoyed naming the different parts of the car!

We investigated which surfaces were best for racing cars down. We looked at several different types of surface (sandpaper, bubble wrap, foam, carpet etc.) and we measured how far the cars went along each one. We made predictions and then tested them. Not all of the surfaces were very good – some of them were too slippery, others were too rough.

We drew road maps for our cars and then used the maps in our play. We enjoyed working together as a team!

We played with the vehicles outside (scooters, tricycles, balance bikes etc.). We decided to make garages for them! We had to make sure that the garages were wide enough and long enough!

We went outside and conducted a traffic survey. We had to watch the road (we stood behind the school fence to keep us safe) and count how many vehicles went past. We recorded which vehicles we saw by making a tally chart. It was great fun! We were lucky enough to see a digger, a tractor and lots of buses; as well as cars, vans, bicycles and lorries.

We read books about different vehicles too!

Christmas 2016

We read The Christmas Story and sang Christmas songs for our parents and carers. We enjoyed making lots of different Christmas crafts and we had a fantastic time in our very own Santa’s grotto! We wrapped presents for one another and used these in our play. We also decorated Christmas trees with our friends.

We had a very special visitor! Father Christmas took time out of his busy schedule and came to see us! We loved meeting him and we got to ask him questions about his job and his reindeer!

We had a Christmas celebration! We got to dress up in our own party clothes and we played lots of games together. We enjoyed dancing to festive music, singing songs and eating a Christmas feast!

Winter and The Stick Man

We started 2017 by reading Julia Donaldson’s story ‘Stick Man’. We had a great time making our own stick men using sticks, glue and collage materials. We then used these as puppets for role play. We enjoyed repeating key phrases from the text as we were playing with our characters.

We had fun drawing characters from the Stick Man story.

We found out about seasons and talked about winter. We looked at a selection of clothes and sorted them into different categories – clothing for cold winter weather and clothing for hot summer weather. We had to talk to each other to decide where to put each item of clothing. We discussed why we need to wear warmer clothes in cold weather. Everyday we practise how to put on (and fasten) our coats independently whenever we go outside. We are getting much better at this!

We explored in the ice sensory tray and found out how ice is made! We enjoyed observing what happened to the ice when it got warmer. When it melted we had to put it back into the freezer to turn it into ice again!

We also played with small world animals in pretend snow!

Making Music

We listened to lots of different musical instruments. We discovered that there are different types of instrument. Mr T played us his clarinet and saxophone! We found out that these are members of the woodwind family of instruments. He also played us different string instruments: acoustic guitar, ukulele and banjo!

We got to play lots of different instruments in our classroom. We learned about volume, tempo, pitch and rhythm.

We have also been listening to lots of songs. We have been dancing and moving our bodies to different pieces of music. We copied some of the teachers’ movements, but we also came up with our own dance moves too! We enjoyed dancing with ribbons and making colourful patterns in the air.

Art and Artists

We had a whole week of learning dedicated to art! We found out about artists and discovered that there are lots of different types of art (e.g. painting, drawing, collage, sculpture etc). We decided to become artists for a week and each group of children worked on an art project. We had lots of fun and we are looking forward to seeing our work when it gets put on display as part of the next whole school art exhibition!

Some of us were responsible for making a tiger collage. We had to tear and cut out lots of pieces of orange crepe paper. Then we used glue sticks and PVA glue to stick these onto our large tiger template. This was quite tricky because our fingers got very sticky! Our next step will be to add black stripes to create a tiger pattern!

Another group of children made 3D lions. We had to look closely at existing models and pictures of lions so that we knew which features to include in our own creations. We really enjoyed making the lion faces by using different coloured pieces of card and paper. We made each lion a mane by sticking orange triangles onto a golden face. We added eyes and noses too.

Next we needed to make the bodies for the lions. We practised first by using paper, then we moved onto card when we were confident using the scissors. We cut out semi-circles to create a hole in the middle of the card. This left us with a body shape and four legs for each lion.

Some of us made tiger skin patterns. We talked about repeating patterns and practised making our own by using orange and black alternating stripes. First we did this using wax crayons, then we used paint. We talked about animal fur and why animals have different markings on their bodies.

Ways to Say I Love You

We talked about people who we love and discussed reasons for why we love different people. We made different gifts to give to our loved ones: cards, heart crowns, fairy cakes and paintings.


We found out about different types of pets! Some of the children and teachers brought in their pets from home to show us! We found out about the different things that pets need in order to be healthy and happy (food, water, love, exercise, access to a vet if needed, shelter, somewhere to sleep). The pets that came into the nursery were:

• Rio's puppy (a cross between a pug and a chihuahua)
• Taylor Owen's two corn snakes
• Owen’s guinea pigs
• Nicki's budgerigars
• Natalie’s dogs

Many thanks to everyone who brought in their pets! We had a great time and found out a lot about how to take care of animals!

Where we live

We found out about where we live. We discovered that there are different types of homes. We talked about the features of homes: walls, roof, windows, doors, chimneys, rooms etc.

We made a picture of a town by drawing around different 2D shapes to create drawings of buildings.

The children spent time constructing different homes using a range of different resources. Some of the children made dens by using fabric and tripods, others used large building bricks, and some used Duplo and Lego. We had a lot of fun repairing the buildings when they collapsed!

We made a picture of a town by drawing around different 2d shapes to create drawings of buildings.
The children spent time constructing different homes using a range of different resources. Some of the children made dens by using fabric and tripods, others used large building bricks, and some used duplo and lego. We had a lot of fun repairing the buildings when they collapsed!


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