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My body

The children were all excited to be back from the Easter holidays and have had lots of fun in the classroom this week, talking all about our bodies. We have been looking in mirrors and naming our facial features, then painting paper plate faces!  There has been lots of messy fun with hand printing and colouring and sticking body outlines as we pointed out the arms and legs.  The children have enjoyed our adult lead activities this week as we drew around the children on to big pieces of paper and coloured in their bodies, some of the children even had a try at drawing around their own hands.  There has been lots of singing and dancing to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ as we warmed up our bodies ready for our PE session.  The class have liked exploring the body puzzles and magnetic toys and they have made some very funny face with the felts!  Lots of the class have pretended to be Doctors this week in our surgery, looking after their peers, using their stethoscopes, giving medicine and wrapping us in bandages!  The favourite activity of the week has definitely been washing the babies, all of the children have had lots of fun in the bubbly water washing the dolls and then making sure they have nice clean teeth with the toothbrushes!  We finished the week with our cooking session when we made some delicious funny face pizzas – we hope they were as tasty as they looked!

Being healthy

This week Me 2 Club have been learning all about the different ways we keep our bodies healthy! We have talked about healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that give us lots of energy.  One of our group activities was to feed the dolls, we sorted the food into healthy foods and unhealthy foods to give to baby. The children have had lots of fun sticking red apples, painting oranges and colouring lots of fruit shapes and they all enjoyed making lots of healthy food with the raspberry play dough!  Our imagination area was transformed into a healthy eating cafe, lots of the children like to pretend to cook and serve food to their friends and to the staff!  We also talked about exercise this week and how we move our bodies to stay healthy, the soft play was very popular and the children made obstacle courses to climb and balance on which kept them very active!  During our outside PE session we practised our ball skills by rolling, kicking and throwing the large balls in the big play ground and there was lots of running around too! Finally we talked about keeping our bodies clean to stay healthy, about how important it is to wash our hands and keep our teeth clean and the children had lots of fun brushing the baby doll’s teeth!

Growing food

This week Me 2 club have been very busy learning all about the different types of food that we can grow! Our fruit and vegetable shop was well stocked with plenty of food and the children had lots of fun using their shopping lists and role playing going to the shop! Our exploration area was very messy with muddy soil and gardening tools to dig up the carrots and potatoes.  Our group activity of sorting and counting the different vegetables we found was very popular and all of the children knew they had to wash their hands when they had finished their play!  Another group activity this week was to plant some tomato seeds, we used colourful stickers to decorate our plant pots before filling them with soil and plating a tiny tomato seed, we hope they all grow in to big tomato plants and you can eat lots of delicious tomatoes!  As we talked about seeds the children were able to investigate tiny seeds in a sorting activity where we practiced our tweezer skills, finding fruits hidden in the seeds.  We had lots of mini activities focusing on communication and listening this week, and the children all did very well, we matched some fruits, completed some mark making sheets and tried really hard with the fruit jigsaw puzzles too.  As always there were lots of creative activities for the children to enjoy, play dough and collage pictures but the favourite this week was using real vegetables to paint with! We finished the week making some delicious fruit salad to take home and share with our families!

In the garden

It has been a lovely sunny week in Me 2 Club and we have had lots of fun outside, learning all about gardens and the things that we can grow! We started our week with a nature hunt outside in the big playground, we gathered lots of grass, leaves and daisies to make pretty collage pictures with- we thought they looked so pretty we have made our very own indoor garden display!  This week our exploration area was a messy, muddy garden with lots of slides and round-a-bouts for the toy people- they had lots of fun getting covered in mud!  We turned our imagination area into a busy garden centre with lots of flowers, seeds and gardening tools, everybody loved pushing the wheelbarrow around the classroom!  This week’s most popular toy was the fairy garden, all of the children have loved playing with the small world toys, they have been moving the fairies around the houses and making them talk to each other.  There was lots of creative play too as we made salt dough flowers, painted flower shapes and made more sticky grass pictures.  The children enjoyed our music session as we rang our bells along to the music of ‘In an English country garden’ and we rounded off the week by baking some delicious yellow flower biscuits!

Wonderful weather!

We have had another warm week at school and we have been very busy learning about the different types of weather! The children have had lots of fun dressing up in different types of clothes, some to keep us cool and some to warm us up in the cold weather! They especially liked the umbrellas and they have had so much fun dancing with them, in and out of the classroom, they loved listening to ‘Singing in the rain’ and trying to copy the dance moves!  This week our exploration area was a rain station, lots of poor toys got very wet with the children using watering cans to make rain!  Our creative area had lots of different arty projects like collage rainbows, sticking and painting sun shapes and rain drops and play dough to make some yellow circle suns!  One of our group activities this week was to help the toys stay dry in the rain, we explored the rain stick musical instruments and then used the big blocks to build houses for the teddies to keep them dry.  We finished our week with our cooking session and made some beautiful rainbow cupcakes, we hope they tasted as good as they looked!

Mini beasts part 1

It has been a very busy week in Me 2 Club, with hundreds of mini beasts hidden all around! The children have had a great time exploring the different areas and going on lots of bug hunts!  There were some creepy crawlies buried in the soil in our exploration area and we liked getting messy trying to find them!  Our imagination area was a bug garden and we used magnifying glasses and nets to try and catch as many bugs as we could!  There were even some ladybirds and spiders hiding in our mini beast tunnel! They really were everywhere!  We had a special mini beast maths day when parents and carers came to play and see all of the fun maths activities we do, the class have been very good at sorting the coloured bugs and some have even tried counting them too.  It was a very special week as we were able to use the I pads, we explored the playground, searching for real mini beasts and took some lovely pictures.  As always there have been lots of creative activities to keep the children busy, we have painted ladybirds, made sticky buzzing bees and some beautiful colourful butterflies.  The children especially liked our messy play activities this week with even more insects hiding in squishy foam and sticky, wobbly jelly!

Mini beasts part 2

We welcomed the children back from the half term break with even more mini beast fun in the classroom! Lots more investigating was to be done as we looked high and low for even more insects inside and out, hiding in the sticky mud or buried in the paper grass. We used our magnifying glasses to make the little bugs look really big!  One of our adult lead activities this week was to share a mini beast book.  The children enjoyed sitting and listening together, looking at props and being involved in the stories.  There were lots of new messy play areas to explore this week with wiggly wormy pasta to search for hidden bugs in and lots of paint flies to squash with the swatters!  We made lots of super mini beasts for our display board this week too, the children used balls rolled in paint to make beautiful spider webs and then lots of sticky paint to make some spiders to hang from them.  During our PE session we learnt to dance to a new song called ‘the bug-a-lug’, it was very tricky but we all tried very hard.  We finished the week by decorating some tasty biscuits to look like lovely ladybirds!

On the farm

Old Macdonald had a farm and this week so did Me 2 Club! The children have had lots of imaginative play in our role play area, cleaning out the farm animals and riding on the cows!  They had fun dressing up as lots of different farm animals and making lots of barn yard sounds!  Our exploration area was a bit messy this week with mud and straw so the children had to find and clean all of the farm animals before matching the baby animals to their mummies!  Another adult lead activity this week was based on the nursery rhyme ‘This little piggy’ we talked about they rhyme then the children took off their shoes and socks, dipped their toes in some muddy paint and made lots of print marks on the pig shapes.  There were more creative activities as we made play dough pigs, sticky cow and horse pictures, mucky animal footprint paintings and we even used some straw to paint some pretty chickens!  We were very lucky to have Gemma’s farm come to visit us this week and we got to see and stroke lots of lovely farm animals.  We had lots of outside play and even enjoyed some story time in the shade!

In the wild

We went wild in Me 2 Club this week and there were animals everywhere! There were safari animals hiding in the sand in our exploration area, the children had lots of fun finding them and grouping the animals together.  We had a jungle in our imagination area and lots of the class enjoyed naming the wild animals and matching them to the pictures around our jungle.  Our construction area transformed into a wild gym for all the animals in the classroom to crawl and climb on, we had giraffes, elephants and some very cheeky monkeys!  There were lots of creative activities to enjoy as well as the children made play dough animals, printed snake skins, painted elephants and made some tiger, zebra and giraffe print pictures!  One of our adult lead activities was to make scary lion masks- the children enjoyed sticking and painting them and when they had dried we used them to ROAR!!!  During our PE session this week we practiced moving like different animals, we crawled liked tigers, jumped like silly monkeys, slithered like snakes and stomped like elephants!  We also went on a walk in the jungle and found lots of wild animals hiding in our forest area!  We ended the week by making tasty tiger and zebra biscuits!

Under the sea

What a wet week in Me 2 Club! We have been learning all about the creatures that live under the sea this week, and a lot of lovely songs along the way!  We hope you have heard some of them at home, especially the song about a baby shark!  The children have been exploring lots of different fish in the water play area this week and catching them in their nets.  We tried matching them to some pictures, putting them in groups and counting them too.  We turned our imagination area into a deep blue sea with lots of sea creatures of different sizes to pay with, the children loved the big scary shark!  There was lots of counting in our construction area too as the class caught lots of big fish and put them into coloured groups.  Lots of the children really liked magnetic fishing game and we heard some lovely maths talking about how many fish each person had and saw some lovely sharing too. Our creative area was very messy as usual, there were painted fish, sticky sparkly fish and some jelly fish with wobbly legs!  One of our group activities was to paint giant sea creatures so we looked at some dolphins, sharks and whales before painting them for our under the sea area.  We finished the week with our cooking session and made some delicious cheesy starfish.

 At the seaside

There was lots of sunny, sandy fun in Me 2 club this week, both inside the classroom and out in the playground! The class investigated the rock pool to find the shells and creatures hiding in the water and built some lovely sandcastles!  Our imagination area was a busy seaside shop with everything you could need for a day at the beach, there was lots of role play fun and some funny dressing up too!  The children have enjoyed playing with the small world toys this week, we have had the cars, trains and a fairground for the use lots of imaginative play. There were a lot of creative activities throughout the week and the class have enjoyed sticking, painting, modelling with play dough.  One of the favourite games this week was finding the fish and shells hiding in the blue construction sand!  During our adult lead activity we made sticky sandcastle pictures which was lots of gloopy, messy fun!  At the end of the week we made some tasty seaside cupcakes to take home and share.  The afternoon group were very helpful this week as they helped to clean all the rock pool shells and animals when we had finished using them.


Hurray for Summer! The sun is out and there has been plenty of fun in Me 2 club this week, especially outside in the playground where we have been enjoying lots of water play! The class have been fishing for ducks, splashing, using the water pump and even taking a dip in the paddling pools!  We have been learning how to stay safe in the sun by wearing sun cream and sun hats and drinking lots of water to keep us cool.  Inside the classroom the children had lots of imaginative play in our ice cream parlour, they loved making sandy ice cream cones for the adults and for their friends.  We had different messy play activities in our exploration area this week as we made foam ice creams and experimented with ice paints, looking at how the colours melted together.  Our creative area had lots of different activities to try too, they class really liked decorating the ice lollies and sticking the cotton wool ice creams but the favourite this week was making our very own sun glasses – don’t they look cool!

Teddy bear’s picnic

There were bears everywhere in Me 2 club this week! The children really enjoyed our teddy bear’s picnic to celebrate the end of term and we would like to thank all of the parents for joining us and we hope you all had fun! The children made lovely teddy bear ears and special bags to hold their yummy picnic food!  It was a lovely sunny day and it was a super way to end the summer term, especially as we will be saying goodbye to some of the class as they prepare to move to nursery after the school holidays.  In the classroom this week there have been hundreds of bears, we have sorted colour bears and had fun at the maths table with puzzles and bear threading too.  Our imagination area was transformed into a forest for our teddy’s to enjoy lots of delicious picnic food and the children have enjoyed some lovely role playing with them.  Our exploration area had even more bears with more food all hidden in the shredded paper, the children had fun finding the food and feeding the bears!  Our creative tables were very busy this week too as we painted big teddy bears and made small, soft sticking bears.  We also had an activity to fill a picnic basket by cutting out food pictures from magazines.  We ended the week with the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt, and then we went on our very own bear hunt in the playground to find the lost teddy bears!

Pet week

After returning from half term holiday it has been another fun and furry week in Me 2 Club as we have been learning even more about pets! We had visits from some big dogs called Molly, Bella and Millie and they really liked all of the strokes and tickles we gave them. We talked about their soft fur and their long wagging tails.  Later in the week we had a very special pet competition and lots of the children made pictures at home to show us their pets or what pet they would like to have.  Some children even brought their pets in to show the class, we met Lilly the rabbit and Pasha the budgie.  Thank you all very much for working so hard on your competition entrees, it was lovely to see all of the pictures in the classroom.  Even with all the excitement there was still lots of activities to keep us busy, we took our dogs for a walk over the soft play obstacle course and then had a try at moving like dogs and making lots of woofing noises! There were lots of fish to catch in the exploration area and the children were very good at counting them and sorting the fish from the frogs and turtles.  We had some messy painting fun decorating our fish with fingerprint scales and our maths table has been very popular as we have been building pet houses and sorting real dog biscuits into the pet bowls.  During PE we learnt a new song and dance all about being a dog, and can now wag our tails and roll over!

My house

This week Me 2 Club have been looking at houses. We have been talking about all of the different features and learnt a lovely song about building a house from the bricks up to the roof!  There has been lots of construction play as we have used wooden blocks in the sand and giant plastic bricks to build homes for some of the toys during our adult lead activities.  The children always enjoy our home corner and this week they have taken turns in using the television remote control and sharing all of the things they like to watch at home.  They have played nicely together, preparing food and helping to tidy and wash up after their role play cooking.  Our creative tables have been bust as the class have been building with play dough and even tried some junk modelling with some very big boxes!  Another adult lead activity was to create a shape house, sticking all of the shapes together to make a house, the children then spoke about who lives in their house and they tried to draw their family members too.  There were other mark making opportunities as they explored the pencil control sheets and white boards to try and draw house shapes too.  We finished the week by cooking some delicious gingerbread houses to take home and share with our family.

Being safe

We have been learning lots about staying safe this week in Me 2Club, we have looked at the signs and people that keeps us safe and stop us from getting hurt. In our imagination area the class had lots of fun pretending to be builders, by looking at the signs they saw they had to wear their hard hats and high visibility jackets to stay safe on the building site!  Or exploration area was filled with Bob the builder toys and even more safety signs to show how to work safely in the sand.  The children liked our creative activities this week, they used the neon paints to make brightly coloured builders vests and used the tools to build with the play dough! Our adult lead activity was to make a stop sign using sticky paper and printing big read hand prints to show us to ‘STOP’!  There was a lot of small world play with the cars and garage too, we talked about how to cross the road safely by ‘Stop, looking and listening’ we even learnt a funny song and dance to help us remember.  Our fire station area had lots of noisy fire engines and the children were very lucky to see a big red fire engine in our school playground too!

We love books

There were so many books in Me 2 Club this week! The children have really loved exploring all of the different books we have had displayed, using props and toys to tell the stories and acting them out using puppets and masks.  We have focused on a few of the children’s favourite stories like ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The very hungry caterpillar’.  The class have liked role playing with the soft toy characters and sorting and stacking the fruits and foods from the books.  We looked at a different story every day and the children had lots of creative activities related to these stories, with play dough mats, painting and even cutting and sticking animals from the ‘Dear zoo’ story book.  In our adult lead activities we made our own books, the class looked at the pictures and words in books and then we made our own, they made books about dinosaurs, whales and all sorts of animals!  Another activity was to investigate our ‘Me 2 Library’, the children were excited to find their own special library card and we talked about how to choose a book and then stamp it to say that we wanted to take it home.  For our cooking we made on of the children’s favourite characters into a delicious chocolate cupcake, can you tell who it is?


Spring has sprung in Me 2 Club, the children have had a lovely time this week looking at all of the interesting things Spring brings. We have been talking about how the seasons change and it is getting warmer and how the sun helps new flowers to grow.  For our adult lead activity this week the children planted their very own sunflower seeds to take home and help to grow.  There was lots of digging and planting in our exploration area too as the children used the spades to fill flower pots and the watering cans to give the flowers lots of water- it was very muddy fun!  Our creative area had lots of challenges this week, the children made fluffy Spring lambs, painted beautiful flowers and modelled some play dough chicks and used feathers to decorate them.  One of the trickiest activities was to make our blossom sticks, we looked at the blossom in the playground then used gloopy glue and squashed tissue paper to make or own blossom branches.  The favourite place to play this week was in the imagination area, the children loved the small world fairy garden, moving the fairies around the houses and plant pots as well as counting the butterflies and finding fairies hidden all around the classroom.


For the final week of term the Easter bunny was very busy in Me 2 Club! There were eggs absolutely everywhere! The children searched in shredded paper to find fluffy chicks and sparkly eggs, they used the tweezers to try to pick them up too.   In our imagination area there were even more eggs to sort through, different sizes, colours and some pretty glittery ones as well.  The children were very good at finding and sorting the coloured eggs at our maths table and matching the egg puzzle pieces.  There were lots of role playing opportunities this week as the children hopped around the classroom like the Easter bunny delivering eggs to their friends, they especially liked the bunny ears they made and had lots of fun dancing to the ‘Bunny hops’ song.  We were really pleased to see so many parents at the Easter play session, we hope all of the families enjoyed all of the activities and the special Easter hunt outside!  We have made lots of lovely art work this week, some yellow feathery chicks, some sticky hot cross buns and some beautifully printed Easter eggs.  We finished the week with a special Easter egg hunt in the classroom and found an enormous, golden, glittery egg filled with gingerbread bunnies for snack!