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Me 2 Club - Children's Work 2016-17


Welcome back!: We welcomed back the children to Me 2 club from their Summer holidays and spent lots of time exploring the classroom, playground and having fun in the sun. The group listened to lots of stories and prepared for the arrival of the new children into the class.



Starting school: We made lots of new friends as the new children started in Me2 club and they all settled in well. We showed them lots of the fun things we like to do in class, how we place nicely together and share our toys. All of the children enjoyed running, climbing and scooting outside as well as dancing and singing on the carpet. We talked a lot about our school, looking at our uniform and the kindness rules we have for in the classroom.

All about me: This week was lots of fun, the children made some lovely paper plate portraits and funny face pizzas! They all liked role playing in our doctors surgery where they looked after poorly friends and had fun with the bandages! We had lots of sticky collage fun making faces and dressing paper dolls.


Happy and sad: Our funny face cupcakes were delicious this week and the children all loved showing different emotions through their facial expressions and by using the musical instruments. We made happy and sad balloon faces and some cheeky grins with collage materials.

My friends: We played games together this week, like hide and seek in the forest area. We learnt to take turns and how important it is to share. We looked at books with friends and enjoyed working together to build with the construction toys.




My family: The children made some beautiful sparkly frames for our family photos, they loved telling us all about their families and the activities they do together. It was lovely to see them play so nicely in the imagination area, pretending they were at home, in the kitchen making food for everyone.

More about my family: This week we explored more about where are families are from, the parents completed the 'highlighting heritage' booklets and we looked through them at carpet time, learning all about where our friends are from and the languages we can speak. We tried foods from around the world and tried on lots of different types of clothing from different cultures.


Senses: We started the week with a fun Halloween day, with gloopy pumpkins and light up ghost torches. The rest of the week we continued to look at the different senses, we tasted different foods and explored the sensory den with lots of smells, lights, textured toys and noise blocks. The children loved the messy play with cornflour paste, jelly play and finger painting.

Autumn: We turned the imagination area into a leafy Autumn park with lots of animals to find hidden in the leaves, the children got very excited using the torches to find the hedgehogs and were very helpful at gathering the leaves at the end of the week! In our exploration area we used the tweezers to pick up the pine cones and conkers from the sand which helped develop our fine motor skills.

Apples: there were lots of apples in the classroom this week, we washed them and fed them to the farm animals, we used them to print with and even gathered them into baskets during our P.E sessions. The children were very good at shopping in our fruit and vegetable shop, they could find the items on their lists and loved making the till go 'ding'!


Bread: we had fun kneading, rolling and shaping lots of different dough this week and our bread rolls were delicious! We used cutters and knives to cut up bread and we used different types of paint to make marks on bread too.

Wheels: there were cars all over me 2 club this week! Different sizes and colours were rolling everywhere. The children liked playing in the bus station, buying tickets ringing the bell and singing 'the wheels on the bus'. The children all tried using the I pads for the first time to play a game called 'trucks' they were all very capable and liked investigating the different parts of the game.

Flying and floating: we looked at all the different types of vehicles that fly this week and practiced using aeroplane arms on the balancing beams outside. We used balloons to paint with and made some speedy rockets! The children loved splashing with the boats in the water play area and exploring items that float and sink.


Christmas: the classroom was a Christmas wonderland with our elves workshop for the children to help Father Christmas wrap lots of toys! We had a ride on the reindeer and made some pretty glittery cards fir our families. Our parents came in to the classroom to play with us and see all the fun we have in Me 2 club and the skills we are learning! We finished the week with a lovely party with lots of food, games and dancing! A perfect ending to a very busy term!

Winter: We welcomed back the children to Me 2 club from their Christmas holidays with lots of Wintery fun, we had lots of snow in our classroom, with woodland animals to find and an igloo to hide away to enjoy stories in. We always practice using our pens and pencils nicely and made some beautiful glittery snowflakes during our creative play.

Winter 2: During our second week of Winter play we looked at the clothes we need to keep us warm and tried to dress ourselves in hats and scarves. We were even lucky enough to have an outside play in the snow- it was cold and wet, but lots of fun! We even got to take some snow home in our lovely snow globe bottles.

Music: It was a very noisy week in Me 2 Club for Music week, the children loved exploring all of the different sounds the musical instruments could make, we sang lots of songs and spent our PE session dancing to action rhymes. Mr T came to visit us and show us some of his musical instruments, we were very lucky as he played some tunes for us. We even tried making our own shaky pots to take some noisy fun home too!

Colours: Colour week was lots of fun, we experimented with mixing colours in the water tray and were able to draw beautiful chalk pictures on the black paper in the imagination area. We looked at a different colour each day, trying different painting techniques, exploring play dough and using different materials for collages. Our PE session was lots of fun, we danced to some music as we painted with watercolours.


The things we love: This week we looked at all of the different things we love, we talked about our families and our favourite things to play with and places to go. There were hundreds of hearts in the classroom, we painted, cut and collaged them and used some play dough to copy the shape too.



Pet week 1: It was a very exciting week in the classroom, we had lots of furry visitors! During pet week we had dogs, guinea pigs and budgies to look at, we got to stroke them and learn lots of ways we look after them and the things they need. We also used our imaginations in our ‘Me 2 Club vets’ where we took all of the toy animals to make them better. There was lots of messy fun with painting and sticking and we even took our pets outside for a walk around the playground!
Pet week 2: There was even more furry fun in the classroom this week, with our pet shop and activity area to walk our dogs. The children enjoyed lots of creative activities and loved the cheesy snakes we made on cooking day.


My house: The children liked our role play area this week, they had lots of fun cooking for each other and pretending tom watch Peppa Pig on the television! There was a lot of construction going on, building houses from bricks, sand and blocks and it was lots of fun to know them down! We also looked at colours and shapes of houses as well as recognising some of the numbers we can see on the doors.

Safety: This week the classroom was transformed into a building site and all of the children knew they had to stay safe wearing their builders hats and boots! We talked about the signs we see that keep us safe and how to cross the road safely by ‘stopping, looking and listening’. The children loved the traffic light game in our PE session, when red means stop and green means go! We also talked about Policemen and Firemen and how they help to keep us safe too.

Spring: There were lots of flowers in Me 2 Club this week, we were planting seeds in the exploration area and investigating insects using magnifying glasses and trying to catch them in our nets. There was a magical fairy garden in our imagination area and we all liked listening to the Hungry caterpillar story. There were lots of messy creative activities to enjoy as well, making woolly lambs, blossom sticks and painting some beautiful Spring flowers.

Easter: The Easter bunny came to visit Me 2 Club and hopped all around the classroom leaving colourful eggs EVERYWHERE! The children enjoyed lots of physical play hopping like the Easter bunny and plenty of messy craft activities like sticking feathery chicks and fluffy bunnies. We had an extra special day when mummies and daddies came to play with us, they enjoyed all of our games and activities too- especially our Easter egg hunt in the playground!